Shoe advice

  1. I'm traveling to Spain at end of May and everyone tells me I need good walking shoes. I'm bringing cute fashionable tops and jeans for daytime which I usually wear with high heels.

    What kind of shoes do you recommend that I can wear, still look cute and be comfortable? (without the heels?? ):shrugs:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. it depends where abouts in spain your visiting and what youll be doing there. if your going to cities sight seeing then a pair of ballet pumps or flat sandals should be ok
  3. Well, if your going to Spain, I would wiat till you got there and then buy a pair of Camper shoes. They are fab and stylish and comfortable.
  4. I bought a pair of Sofft mary janes for when I walked around Thailand and Japan. They were super comfy. :smile:
  5. mtn, when and where are you going? I leave on Saturday for a week split between Madrid & Barcelona. I have been trying to figure out my shoes too... I don't know why I"m stressing about this! I travel quite frequently but this one is bothering me for some reason! Let me know i you find anything good! ETA: just saw you're going the end of May. Have a great trip!
  6. diesel and puma make cute, trendy tennis shoes. i own both brands and they are definitely very comfortable.
  7. PUMA is very comfy!
    Also BORN!!!

    Good luck!!!
  8. I would go for a pair of cute pumas or Tory Burch flats!
  9. get some flats or sneakers, i agree tory burchs and pumas are d best!
  10. Why not get some cute flats that can also work for evening, so you don't need to carry a ton of shoes? I like my Dior western ballerinas for that (purchased at Saks)
  11. I'm not sure of your budget but Taryn Rose makes really comfortable flats and sandals but they are $300+. I find the best selection on Zappos. This is the only brand I will spend this type of money on because they are so comfortable.

    Nordstrom has a ballet flat called Edie by BP. BP is one of their house brands. They run $50 and come in suede, leather, and pony hair. These are the best value. I have taken them traveling several times.

    Dansko is another really comfortable brand. Some of the styles are orthopedic looking but some are cute. The clogs can be cute and funky. They also have a few sandals tht don't look too orthopedic looking. I took them to Vancouver and walked miles in them with no problems. Several of their styles are actually accepted by the amperican podiatrist association for proving support, shock absorption, etc. They usually run about $100. Nordstrom and Zappos carry them.