1. I'm about halfway through this book, which just came out yesterday, and I just had to share. I really think all of us here could identify with any one of the characters in the book and the situations they find themselves in! I highly recommend it to all PF members who like a good, light fun read.

    When Lorna finds herself in serious debt, due in most part to her impulsive shoe buying, she posts the following message on "Greg's List" (LOL!):

    SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS ....Love shoes, but can't keep buying them? If you wear a size 7 1/2 & want to swap your Manolos for Maglis, etc.....

    Their first meeting is hilarious - one girl comes in with a bag full of horrid looking shoes - including a pair of "Ltd Ed" Jimmy Choo's that she says she got in NY on the corner of 48th St & 5th Avenue - some guy who "had a bunch of high-end shoes and purses"!! Says she sold a lot of them online & made a fortune ("I know they're probably stolen, but that doesn't make them any less valuable.") Then proceeds to tell the others that she'll have trade 2 pairs for those!!!

    If you find yourself posting on THE GLASS SLIPPER and/or enjoy reading everyone else's posts, then this is definitely "required reading"!!

    p.s. If you do decide to read this book - I'd luv to hear your throughts!
  2. OMG - hilarious!!

    My favorite shoe addict line of all time when Carrie Bradshaw figured out where all her money went and she said "Literally, I'll be the old women who lives IN her shoes!"
  3. Too bad it wont be available here for another year! Gosh, can't wait to move back home!

  4. Im totally going to buy this!!! I saw it the other day but was in too much of a rush to wait on line.
  5. OK so I finished the book (sorry it took me so long to post!). I HIGHLY recommend this to all PF members! You don't even have to have a thing for shoes, because handbag addicts can identify in the same way.

    It's a perfect combination of humor and emotion - friendship, failed relationships, insecurities, being in debt - and how having friends and people you can count on make it all a little easier.

    It's got plenty of references to eBay (I luved when a "newbie" kept outbidding Lorna in the final seconds!), dept stores (Nordstroms, Bloomie's, etc), internet shopping and browsing ("Greg's List" - Hmm, wonder what that's supposed to be??), counterfeit sales ("These are worth 2 of yours!") and more. A new shoe designer that all the girls go ga-ga over is a fun, creative sub-plot.

    Overall, I found it be an enjoyable, relaxing read that's perfect for the summer, trips to the beach, poolside, or really, anytime you want to read!! Try and find this one ladies - I don't think you'll be disappointed!!
  6. Oh I will go out and get this today. I am SURE I will be able to relate to many things in this book. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Im on the third chapter so far & im in lovee with it so far!!!
    My favorite line ever is "sex in a box" lol
  8. I just received an Advanced Reader's copy of Beth Harbison's new book, and noticed this little blurb on the back about SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS: "Soon to be a major motion picture" I tried looking it up, but there's no information about it yet, so I don't know if a deal was recently signed or if they haven't started filming or casting yet, but I'm anxious to hear more about it. The book is so much fun -- as I read it, I could relate to almost all of the characters and if you substitute shoes for purses, it could be about any one of us (even with the shoe references, since I know we have almost as many shoe addicts as we do handbag addicts!)
  9. ^I heard they were making SAA into a movie a few months ago, so I'd say that it's a somewhat recent deal, probably hasn't even been cast yet though. Did you read the sequel? I liked that one also, but wish some of the other main characters would have made a reappearance. What is her new book (the advanced copy that you got) about? I've read her others, so I'll probably read that when it's out also. :smile:

    ETA: Nevermind, I found it on Amazon. Let me know if it's any good!
  10. I've read all of her books, but none of them have been as good as that first one (maybe it's because I could relate to all of the characters from Shoe Addicts). I just started the newest one, so I'll let you know what I think as I get further into it
  11. I gotta get this book!
  12. I just downloaded the sample for my kindle to see how I like it. It sounds great! :smile: