Shoddy Wallet Dust Bag?

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  1. I just picked up a wallet for my mom, an when the SA showed it to me in the box, the dustbag looked a bit shoddy (there's broken threads and frizzes everywhere), but it was so busy (about 4 purchases waiting) I didn't ask for a different one.

    I was just a bit disappoined b/c the dust bag looks so shoddy, it seems it was made for a fake. :yucky: I considered cutting the frayed bits off, but it looks as if the bag would come apart if I did so. I'll be back in TO in a few days, and was thinking of popping down to switch it, just because when my mom pulls out her wallet (her first LV piece), I don't want the first thing for her to see is a ratty dustbag...and even though you don't buy LV for the dust bag, it's still part of your LV package.

    Has anyone else had this problem?:s
  2. Never had that problem......but i get you ....i say exchange pay a big price for have to get your every expectations right.
  3. Exchange it! I've had that happen to me before and I wasn't pleased with it!
  4. It's never happened to me before, but I'd definitely exchange it! Good luck!
  5. Have not had that experience ... but I say go exchange it!
  6. I've never had that problem here either... but I say go in and get another dustbag if it's really bothering you. ;)
  7. Yes, go in and get another dustbag!
  8. I'd say get a new dustbag, those details are so important to me. BUT if you cant make it to the boutique before you give her the gift I say take out the dustcover that way the presentation is better
  9. My dustbag for my mono koala after about a week was splitting at the seam. I showed an SA when I was in there and they gave me a new one.
  10. I would exchange it for a new one! at my store, they have a box of them for the wallets, so I am sure they have more to exchange it with. I think getting the dustcover and box and bag are all an important part of the LV purchase!
  11. i have one dustbag that came lose on once side... like it totally ripped apart. totally crappy.
  12. You really should take care of it while you are in the store. Who cares if there are people waiting in line behind you, you had to wait too!
  13. Go in and get another dust.
  14. That's true...I felt a bit hassled in the store because usually an SA will stay with me from beginning to end, but since it was so busy and I needed to wait for my bro the SA I initially started with (who's my favorite) helped someone else and another SA ended up helping out....and although she meant well she was a bit "involved" in the decision and I had to ask about 3 times to take some time. So when she showed me the frayed bag I was kinda like "uh, okay..."

    but yes, you're right Dell - I should make sure everything's the way I want it before I leave the store. Alrightie, it's set, when I'm back in Toronto later this week I'll drop in and ask to exchange it. Thanks for your help everyone!

    I'm surprised to hear there's been quite a few shoddy dust bags out there - I would think that when we're paying so much for LV and with their reputation for quality they would ensure quality in everything they gave their customers.
  15. Exchange it. I bought a bag and the dustbag that came with it was very dirty.
    I made a face and quickly changed to my "thick face" attitude and politely asked for a cleaner dustbag. The SA gave me a look but he "happily or not" gave me a clean one.
    Don't settle for less--it's LV--and you paid for it--you should be happy & satisfied eventhough it's only a dustbag.