Shocking waiter come-backs

  1. When I was a teenager, I went to this ice-cream parlor restaurant called "Farrells" with a friend of mine. We had always just ordered ice cream there and never tried anything else on their menu. They had all these different kind of hamburgers and I asked the waiter, "which hambuger do you recommend?" He replied, "I don't know, I don't eat this crap."

    What was the most shocking thing a waiter ever said to you?

    (I'll be back later - going to see Ashes & Snow at the Santa Monica Pier. Tell you all about it later!)
  2. my sister went to dinner with a friend the other nite for her bday and she asked for coffee and the waiter said, coffe who the hell drinks coffee with their dinner? boy was she pissed off after that...
  3. I'd be pissed, too! Sometimes I want coffee with my dinner, esp. if it's an early dinner . . .
    I once had a waiter at a fairly upscale steakhouse (Rosebud Steakhouse in Chicago) comment that I hadn't eaten much of my food (BF and I went to get their burgers, which were voted best in Chicago by the Tribune), but that was "typical for a woman." When I noted that I wasn't actually done with my food he told me I wasn't "going to win any eating contests." Mind you, he started the conversation when he walked by the table, I certainly didn't ask for his opinion of my eating style.
    I'm never going back there again, I would recommend none of you do, either.
  4. Wow...honestly, I never had a waiter say anything really nasty. Sometimes they have an attitude but that's about it
  5. Bagsnshoos, that is seriously HILARIOUS.

    My girlfriend and I were on a restaurant patio when some homeless game came by and jacked a hundred dollar bill someone left on the table to pay for their meal. When the waitress came around, I told her what happened and she exclaimed, "WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN AFTER HIM???" Like, in all seriousness. Ummm...???
  6. I was at a restaurant once, and ordered cheese quesadillas. When the waitress brought them out to me, I bit into one, and discovered they were CHICKEN quesadillas instead of cheese. Now, this normally wouldn't be that big of a deal, except for the fact that I'm a vegetarian!!!!!! I was pissed; severely!!

    So I said very nicely to the waitress, "I ordered cheese quesadillas, and these are chicken. You must have written down CH quesadillas or something."

    She looked at me and very rudely said, "can't you just pick the chicken out"?

    I looked at her, laughed out loud, and said, "I'm a vegetarin, but sure, I'll pick out the chicken, and you can pick my foot out of your @ss!!"

    My friends and I got up and left.

    A few months later, I ran into one of the owners of the restaurant and ratted out the waitress to him! That felt good!!
  7. It's not your responsiblity to say anything, but honestly if I were in your shoes - I would have said something to him, even if it was just "EXCUSE ME"
  8. It happened *really* quickly. Obviously the guy wasn't dwaddling when he was jacking $100 off a patio table.
  9. Oh okay. Because I work at a restaurant with outdoor seating and it's not uncommon to have homeless people come by, but they aren't exactly in a rush. They always go around and ask people for change or they make look through the bill book if it's left out. And I always have to say "Excuse me, would u mind not bothering my customers?" And they don't come by and jack the money in a rush, they act like they're on vacation taking their time lol. Didn't mean to criticize you, hope u didn't take offense! :biggrin:
  10. OMGosh. We had a Farrells in Michigan when I was younger.
    To reply to your post, I never had anything shocking said to me by a waiter. I did get this lady that called me about a job offer. I asked a lot of questions about the position b/c I don't like sales. She replied "I'm just a recruiter, I don't know." I said No thanks!:shocked:
  11. No offense taking at all! I hope that $100 didn't have to come out of the poor waitress's salary.
  12. Hope I'm not a bad person, but I wouldn't have said anything either, much less run after him! He could be psychotic and try to start a conversation with you... trust me, I used to go to school in downtown San Francisco and dealt with homeless people all the time. I do not like confronting them. It's not my problem!

    That said... nope, no interesting waiter comebacks that I can think of. I've had rude waiters, but none that have said something to my face.

    BTW: I drink coffee with my dinner when I go out! Isn't that customary at restaurants? "Dessert or coffee for you?" they ask, right?? :huh:
  13. Well, it's customary to have it with/for dessert, but sometimes I want it with or before my meal. I've had waiters not bring me the coffee I ordered at the beginning of the meal, when people were ordering cocktails, because I guess they must have assumed I wanted it after the meal. Once I had to remind a waiter 3 times to please bring me the coffee I asked for, long after he'd brought cocktails. :mad: :rant: If you ask me what I want to drink, my response is the thing I want to drink right now! :yucky:
  14. They do ask with dessert. So yeah my sister said oh i guess coffee is usually with dessert and the waiter said um yeah usually people have coffee with dessert not with dinner
  15. I was at an on-campus fast food place that was offering this breakfast sandwich called an easy riser (its like an egg mcmuffin). I didn't know what it was at the time, so when I asked this middle aged male worker what an easy riser was, he pointed to his crotch and said "I am" :sick: .