Shocking, saw this on Ebay

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  1. How is this possible? :amazed:


  2. Seeing that 95% of the Goyard bags sold on EBay are counterfeit chances are this is a fake as well. Those fake bags seem to have a short shelf life. You get whatcha pay for!
  3. Is someone try to sell this? Did u buy it?
  4. Hope it is fake. :wtf:
  5. Yes, someone is selling it on Ebay. No, I would never purchase a bag in this condition. :smile:
  6. MUST be a fake. Even more shocking that someone is trying to sell it! :wtf:
  7. Did someone attack a person bag by cutting it?
    I would have thrown it away if that happen to me. :-s
  8. It's definitely real IMO! That's horrifying! A burn mark maybe?
  9. I can now see without a doubt that it's fake (pattern is not right and thread looks like polyester) happily!
  10. I would faint if it would happen to my Goyard D=
  11. Guys! Calm down! It's the newest Limited Edition Goyard piece, designed by the same woman who brought you the Bag with Holes! It's no other than the legendary Rei Kawakubo!!!
  12. Also, this is what's shocking! A new Red St. Louis for $300 AU!
  13. anyone bought it in the end?