Shocking, Rose!!!

  1. For a girl who has lived by the rule 'black is best', it's slightly shocking that I am venturing into the wonderful world of H colors. Not with bags, I am not that brave, but I am experimenting with accessories. I want to introduce my new baby.......:love:

  2. Awwww! You tease! Here we go! More pics!! :sweatdrop: Can't wait!
  3. Take it off baby...take it all off!!!!!
    *gets the dollar bills ready*
  4. More of those dollar bills........

  5. LOL, QM!!! :lol:

    C'mon, Rose!!! Show us!!!:nuts:
  6. stop the teasing rose! looks like a karo!
  7. Come on Rose! It's been a long day, and that little beauty in that bag needs to come out and make us smile!
  8. Mega LOL QM! Wolf whistle from the back....
  9. Introducing Karo PM in rose shocking :love:


    rs3a.jpg rs4a.jpg
  10. Oh geez....I can't take it anymore, you and PBC are going to break me down....she is just too gorgeous for words...I must...resist....getting...another...Karo PM! It is just darling in the Rose Shocking! I'm proud of you Rose; an excellent first foray into color! I guarantee this baby will just put a smile on your face everytime you peek into your bag.
  11. Family pics......


    rs5a.jpg rs6a.jpg
  12. Another rose shocking beauty!!! :heart: :heart: Congrats!!!
  13. OH WOW!!! RS Karo is gorgeous! What a pop of brightness in your bag! I want ..... I want ....:heart:

  14. Gorgeous, Rose!!! Congrats!!! Beautiful colors inside your fabulous black bag!!!
  15. Rose, So...................what do you think of the Karo PM now???? Was it just a matter of finding the "right" color or???????????