**SHOCKING** Reveal..

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  1. The reason I titled this thread Shocking because this bag was never on my radar! Thanks to BJTaylor YouTube review on this bag that actually made me take a trip to the boutique.
    Upon my arrival and taking the time to put all my daily items inside and still have room. What sold me was after doing the above I put the bag on my shoulder boy was I really impressed. The bag is very lightweight. Reminded me much of the Galliera when carried. On that note I was SOLD so yes the bag came home with me. Also she is Made In Spain.. Just added that for the ones that care about that sorta thing.. I personally don't care as long as its Authentic :smile:

    So here she goes!!

    sully3.JPG sully.JPG sully2.JPG
  2. beautiful bag! i never thought of this bag too... But you wear it so well as usual!!!! Congrats!
  3. Very pretty girl! All bags look great on you!
  4. Love the Sully!!! Such a great bag and looks fabulous on you. Enjoy, you have wonderful collection. Can we see a group photo? ;)
  5. Congrats. The Sully is such a great bag & it looks fantastic on you. I have the MM myself & get tons of compliments on that bag.
  6. Congratulations
  7. Congrats,what a lovely bag it is, so perfect on you!
  8. Congrats
    Looks great on you
  9. Congrats!!!

    Love it!!
    I think it's alot prettier than portabello
  10. Looks great on you..congrats.
  11. I watched BJTaylor too (don't we all!) and I also like the Sully! Beautiful bag!
  12. Beautiful bag and the lovely charm! Congrats.. :biggrin:
  13. Congratulations! You both look great!
  14. Congrats. You carry that purse so well!
  15. Looking good!