shocking new price of a kelly!!!!!!

  1. wel.....kind of,
    one of the middle class department store in england (john lewis) produces a free magazine called source. in the latest edition theres an article on vintage luxury, mainly cases and trunks. about half of the article is about Hermes and says you can get a vintage kelly or birkin for £1000, thats $2000!
    ARE THEY MAD? they clearly havnt researched very well.
  2. Oh my.
  3. Well, there were two big Vintage Hermes auctions in Paris in June. One at DROUOT, and one at ARTCURIAL, and most of the vintage Kellys went under 2000$.

    BUT, they were far from being in tip-top shape so you'd have to give them a trip to the spa after that.

    I guess the article is really about vintage, not "mint" second-hand and I would say they are not so far from what I've seen.

    Maybe it's just in France though.
  4. Sorry!!! I meant under 2000 euros, but really they were around 1500 euros.
    I need to find my notes and will give you the results of the auctions. :flower:
  5. the picture with the article is the most beautiful box kelly in a deep brick red. its in perfect condition, slightly misleading.
  6. All in all they mustn't have done their research LOL...

    OK here are some results, they are all Kellys:

    Black box 35cm (measurements are given by the auctioners)
    estimated 300-400 euros, went for 805 euros

    Black box 34 cm (again, don't pay attn to the measurements)
    est: 400-500, went for 805 euros also

    Red box, 32 cm:
    est 300-400, went for 867 euros

    brown box 32 cm
    est 400-500, went for 1053 euros

    brown box 33 cm
    est 400-600, went for 620 euros

    red box 32
    est 300-400, went for 620 also

    toile Kelly (this one was gorge) 32cm
    est. 300-400, went for 689 euros

    brown box 32 cm
    est. 400-600, went for 805 euros

    Red box 33 cm
    estimated 300-400, went for 620 euros


    These are all ARTCURIAL results. Their nexy auction is next year, in May.
  7. Thanks, Boudoir!
  8. boudoir, love your avatar. Is that you?
  9. I have seen vintage kellys for that price. In fact there's a boutique in NYC that has two of them for under $3500 at the moment
  10. EACH. I meant $3500 each.
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  12. Really? I usually see them at around $4K to $5K even in resale boutiques.

    I think those auction prices, even in euros ;), sound quite good.
  13. hm i will be at that next auction then!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. thank you for posting this!