Shocking lack of Quality Control at ELUX

  1. I have read many posts on this forum about people receiving used LV merchandise from Elux. I really thought those incidents were few and far between. However, today, I excitedly opened up the new epi french wallet I ordered only to find SOMEONE ELSE'S CREDIT CARD was already tucked securely into one of the slots!!! No, it wasn't one of those "sample" paper cards you get in cheap was a REAL discover card with the owner's signature and photo on the back - valid through next year. Needless to say, I called ELUX immediately and they *assured* me they have a THOROUGH inspection process for returned LV. Can you blame me for not being convinced? This will be the end of my long-term relationship with ELux. Lucikly, I have a local boutique to shop in.
  2. That is so disturbing. You'd think that if their inspection process is so "thorough", they'd have noticed the credit card in the wallet when it was returned to them by the other customer/credit card owner.
  3. Omg... that is VERY disturbing! My mouth is still open as I am typing this!
  4. How very vague!
  5. I will still shop with elux even though they sent me a used bandeau .I cant belive they shipped out a wallet with someones cc in it. wow
  6. I believe it, I firmly believe they sent my damaged Pomme Agenda out to a few different people! I have many issues with them and after my last purchase of a Keepall and have decided not to purchase from them anymore.
  7. Wow, that's unbelievable..
  8. thats ridiculous on their part.. how can a company not look INSIDE a product if its been returned?
  9. So what was their response? What did they tell you to do with the card? Very disturbing.

    Probably the nicest thing you can do for the cardholder is to cut the card up.
  10. Wow.
  11. Hmmmm....
    that's a first I've heard concerning Elux and returns.
    I personally haven't had anything like that experience from my
    elux history, and I have been with them since they first went online.

    Don't write off one bad experience to possibly being able to save hundreds on taxes and free shipping.
  12. I actually don't save anything by shopping at ELUX since I live in CA and get charged sales tax. For me it's just been the convenience of choosing my next handbag at 6am from my home office without ever having to change out of my pajamas :tup: However, this experience, coupled with the other stories I have heard, have unnerved me just enough to decide it's worth my time to make a trip to the boutique. The Elux rep said that they have LV employees (vs. Elux Distribution staff) thoroughly examine all returned LV merchandise to ensure it is resaleable before they put it back into inventory. However, clearly no one ever even opened up this wallet.
  13. OMG - reinforces my decision not to shop at eLux anymore. Boutiques only for me.
  14. Wow! That's a shocker! If I want used (pre-loved) I'll go to eBay or let-trade.. or new from LV, at least I know I'm buying used and not paying new prices for used...did that just make sense? lol!
  15. This is ridiculous!:shocked: