Shocking Experience

  1. Today I was shopping at a jeans boutique, where i was buying Diesel Tshirts for DH for valentines:love:.

    while I was waiting to pay the woman in front of me was whispering with the SA, there was no one else in the store.

    suddenly the SA goes in the back and come out with what look like LV bags! I was like WtH is going on here??? they looked exactly like authentic LV to me, even the dust bag! the SA took out a Epi Lockit Horizontal, a CaBas Raye!!! and velvet embossed and alligator trim looking bag..i'm sorry i don't know the name of it..but it is the same bag Kim Kardshian was recently carrying in gray..this bag was brown..I could not believe my eyes:wtf:!
    the more closely i looked at them though I saw that they were not in fact real( i think) bc the yellow stitching was thinner, like sewing thread, than that on my authentic LV, and idk but the gold accents looked suspiciously a fake gold color..

    idk i didn't even know they made fakes of these bags and I mean i'd expect this in china town but in a regular boutique! apparently they only show these bags to select customers they know..i wish one of you expert TpF'er could have been there! i'm new to LV and I know you guys would have spotted alot more gross fakeness to comment on! i just feel bad bc alot of people probably buy these bags and think they're real.:s
  2. and you said this happen in a jean's boutique, not like in department stores such as Saks, NM? Sounds fishy to me if it happened in a stand alone jeans boutique....did u ask the SA about it?
  3. EEEk! I hope the Diesel was real!
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. Yup, I've heard of this. I've heard reports and read that a lot of hair salons have backdoor operations like this as well.
  6. True! That is totally weird though!
  7. yikes... Can you report them? Some cities are really clamping (is that the right term?) on counterfeits and counterfeit sellers.
  8. Oy Vey! What is this world coming to?
  9. Epi Lockit Horizontal...:s
  10. Oh my- anyone who tries to sell me a fake LV should be prepared for an unpleasant encounter :boxing: :roflmfao:
  11. OMG that´s illegal and horrific!! Let the manager know.
  12. Yeah, that was what I was thinking too :s
    Maybe you can file a police report or something that the store was selling counterfeit goods.
  13. how weird!! in a jeans boutique??!!?? haha
  14. I was thinking the same thing re the Diesel! i have bought juicy sweat there in the past and they feel & fit like they are real...idk...i'm returning the Diesel shirts..i hate fake stuff, even the idea they might be fake...
    now I'm even more paranoid!

    OK I just looked on eluxury..believe me I know am no where near having the LV knowledge u guys possess!! actually one of the bags was a Nomade Lockit! not epi...I should have looked that up first...the one in the boutique had silver colored hardware...
    I don't even want to go back to return..i just feel sick thinking about them selling those bags
    I think the owner knows bc I have met her is really just her and her sister working there..
  15. I would call the police. That is illegal trafficing in counterfeit merchandise.