Shocking Discovery!

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  1. I'm probably rambling here, but I just had to share my awakening!

    There are times when I go to the Coach store and buy one or two small items, and then there are the times that I go and buy one or two bags and accessories. I never really keep track of how much I spend, I just know that if there's money in the account then I can go out and buy stuff. Well, all of these "take stock" and "how many..." threads really got me thinking about all that I have and have never used. So, I got everything out of the closet and boxes and laid it all out on my bed. I was shocked at how many little accessories that I have that I've never used and still had the tags attached.

    So, I made the decision that if I haven't used it by now, I probably won't ever use it. I gathered all of my receipts and took 2 wristlets, 2 mini skinnies, 1 key fob and 4 scarfs back to the mall. That really doesn't seem like all that much, but guess what? I got $439.01 credited back to my account!!! I liked all of the items, but when I think that I had $430 just sitting in my closet being igored, it really gave me a wake up call. I'm so glad that I did this and just had to share.

    To each their own and there are no judgments being made by me towards anyone here. I just wanted to share my discovery and excitement with you all. It's just amazing how much an accessory here and there can really add up to a whole lot of money!!
  2. Wow! That's excellent :tup:

    For little accessories they are so expensive, this totally proves it! You could buy a gorgeous bag with what just a few of them can cost.. well done
  3. I totally agree with that!! Even those 9.99 scarves and fobs from the outlet TOTALLY add up! I have at least 10 pony tail scarves = $100 + all of the cute fobs I see for so cheap!!!
  4. God post.... I think a lot of us need the same wake up call after all of the 20% off coupon purchases. I think just because it's on sale does not mean you have to buy it!

    I have a fraction of the bag count most of the posters here have, but still I have little accessories that have only been used once or twice or not at all....just taking up space in my drawer.

    I think if you buy them, they should be used.
  5. That's great for you! I know what you mean by accessories adding up. I love the keyfobs and all the ponytail scarfs, but at around $30 each, I just can't justify buying that many. My weakness is jewelry though, but I know I get way more use from that. I have only 3 ponytail scarfs which I've only used a few times - and only 1 keyfob (which is on my keychain).

    I do like to dress my bags up occassionly, but they look so good just by themselves. Those little things can add up quickly!
  6. With all my latest keyfob and scarf purchases, yes, I'm sure I can buy a purse at the outlet with what I paid.

    Amazing how those $10 goodies add up quickly.
  7. SO strange that you posted this!!! I was just putting away my Angry Bee FOB and thought to myself, OK self you've had this FOB for atleast 3 weeks now, and have yet to use it! Did you really need this???

    I don't wonder so much about if gal's here use all their bags, what I wonder about is the scarves & FOB's!!! I think if I were to gather up all the accessories I have laying around that I used 1 time and put UP, I could sell them off and BUY a BAG!!!

    Hmmmmm, come to think of it! LOL
  8. That is a wake-up call. I hardly use any of my fobs, really. I think they retain all their value if I were to sell them so I don't really worry about them. Still, the thing to do is stop buying accessories unless it's absolutely perfect for you. I have a couple of wristlets that I never use, either, but they are so cute. Darn, I know one day I'll have to face it and sell all I never use. Money laying around isn't that smart.
  9. Congratulations Christylou!
  10. wohooo..
    that's a lot of credit u got there..
    r u perhaps be getting anything else soon? :graucho:
  11. That is really awesome and true if you do not use do not have it... The credit is a very nice size are you getting something big and if you are show us
  12. Good for you for making the decision to part with unused items! It's funny to see how the "little" things that we don't worry about buying can actually add up to a fairly "big" thing! Enjoy your credit!
  13. Well as far as wallets, wristlets, mini skinnies and the like I have done very well at buying only what I need. Now keyfobs are a totaly different story. I have around 20 of them. I use 3 on my keychain and the others have a specific bag that they go with. I am sure I could buy another bag with all of the fobs I have bought but I love them so much that I can't part with them.
  14. It sure does add up doesnt it? I would probably cringe if i took stock of all of my bags.
  15. Yeah I do that every now and then...pull out my accessories that are just sitting there!! Good for you, now you have a big credit!!