Shocker - CricketDesignerWear has updated it's B-Bags

  1. Yeah, I know ... there have been a lot of threads about how *horrible* they are (customer service - or lack thereof), but it appears as though they finally got around to updating their website with some of the newer B-Bags (however - they call the 'Courier' the 'Postman'!).

    I'm not typically a fan of the "buckle" bag, but I'm kind of digging this one ...

    Unfortunately, with the GPB so strong against the dollar, you really "pay through the nose" for something from the UK. Darn it :mad: !
  2. So ... what do you think gals ... according to their website, they still have some older bags; is it worth it or are they too much of a hassle?
  3. I think if you call and speak to them in person, they're a lot better than if you go through the website. It took nearly three weeks for them to reply to my last email for Pete's sake! :blink: But by all accounts they're nice people to deal with as long as you call them. If they have something you really want, it can't hurt, can it?