Shocked... SHOCKED... at cost of baby clothes...

  1. One of my girlfriends in California just gave birth to a boy and of course I rushed out to buy presents. Clothes were all I could think of so first I went to a boutique in Gold Coast... $68 for a newborn's cotton jumper. Determined to get something nice, I ended up at Saks where things were more reasonably priced: I bought a few jumpers at $30 each and a set of 3 little t-shirts (Saks brand) for $25...

    Also saw a Burberry sweater that was $100+ and no, it was NOT cashmere...

    Nothing wrong if you have the money to buy this and enjoy dressing your baby up! I just wanted to share that I had *no idea* there were baby clothes out there so pricey. I honestly thought I would go pick up a little Burberry jumper for $80 but nope... not even close...

    God bless all you mommies! :heart:
  2. wow, lucky friend! I just had a baby and I buy her stuff at Marshalls and Costco. I could get her a cute outfit for $6. She won't be able to were it to long. But yes, baby clothing is expensive!
  3. Yup, this is why I'm smiling and taking my cousin's hand-me-downs! Their mothers paid the price for Ralph Lauren, Saks, etc. and I get to reap the benefits of slightly used designer girls clothing for at least the next 5 years!
  4. it's just like adult clothes:yes:
    You can buy as inexpensive as you wish {Old Navy, J.C. Penny, Carter's. . .. } or as pricey as you wish {le*top, Oilily, Burberry . . . }
    Other great newborn gifts are embellished burp rags so Mom looks cute while carrying baby on her shoulder and swanky bibs:yes:
  5. You've got a lucky friend there :heart:

    I refuse to spend that much on baby clothes. It's just gonna get drooled on, thrown up on, pooped on, etc. For brand name items, I buy on sale - never at full price!
  6. It was very nice of you to get your friend such a nice gift! But, wow that is crazy expensive!

    :nuts: I just buy clothes from old navy, target, carters etc. Cheaper clothes are just as cute to me! Also, I don't wear designer clothing that are super expensive either so I wouldn't buy it for my baby:lol:
  7. yes, baby clothes are expensive. my motto is getting clothes that are comfortable, like no zippers and no buttons on the back. i wouldnt want to spend too much for everyday clothing but once in a blue moon i want to splurge on my baby if it's a special occassion like bday and christmas.
  8. I like dressing my kids as much as everyone else but yes, the cost of kids' clothing is just crazy! I think you can get a lot of cool-looking clothes for less (Babystyle used to have a great selection). Babies grow so fast that I just can't justify spending so much on a single outfit. Some children's items cost even more than adult clothes (at least I know I can use mine for years) so if I want anything fancy I pick things up when they go on sale at Saks or Bloomies (they have great deals!). And of course I am thankful for friends like you who gift my kids with beautiful outfits I would otherwise not buy on my own:smile:
  9. I got a huge basket for the family that I nanny for when their son was born. I had the basket made at Saks, and I was in LOVE with all of the clothing, and in shock at the prices myself!!!! But, I was one of those suckers who spent!

    I think when I have my own kids I will love to buy nice outfits- but more an outfit here or there for an occasion that is very nice, then just cute baby clothes for the rest of the time!
  10. I happen to buy my daughters clothes from all over the place... Most f her preschool clothes are from GAP however she has a lot of boutiqies clothing such as oilily, tea collection, sophie and lili, etc

    I dont think I will buy expensive clothing for my next child until he or she is arund 2 nex time... the child just sits in it and throws up etc...
  11. Babies aren't bothered whether they wear Target gear or super expensive designer gear. At the end of the day the clothes need to be comfortable and stand up to numerous washes. I just think the money I save by buying clothes from Target etc I can spend somewhere else, like on myself!!!! :smile:
  12. As adorable as kids clothes are, you hardly have to spend a fortune for the child to look good. Besides, they won't look so good once they've thrown up on it or their diaper has leaked through anyway. I always had some fancy outfits on hand, but most dressed my kids in carters, old navy, gap, etc. Not nearly as expensive but still looked cute.
  13. see, this is one of a big reason i hope i'm having another baby girl!!!! LOL

    i have boxes and bags full of baby clothes from my first daughter ---- soooo many of them are from my friends daughters too....but with all those PINK clothes and toys......i'm scared to have a little boy next to start whole new baby boy clothes collection!!! LOL
  14. I think thats what friends are for! :lol: I get caught up too in getting the cutest outfits that are never cheap. Its all good though. Cause the parents end up buying the inexpensive stuff thats only going to get crapped or drooled on anyway. Not to mention grown out of in a month!
  15. ^ I agree! We bought inexpensive for our babies, but friends, relatives and grandparents gifted us the expensive things! I am far more willing to buy them more expensive clothes now that they are in school (my two oldest are, anyway).