*SHOCKED* no reveal...mixup instead...experiences?!

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  1. I was seriously getting ready for my first reveal on TPF, but instead was shocked and really bummed. Because of the latest shortage, I had been checking the internet every few hours for a few days for my bag to come back into stock (even in the middle of the night!). It finally did on Monday and I ordered it, eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Via FEDEX tracking, the item was supposed to arrive on Friday (today). I work a graveyard shift and definitely did not want to miss signing for the package, so told my boyfriend I would be sleeping on the couch (is that too extreme?!). The FEDEX guy just came by twenty minutes ago with a big box, much to my delight. I almost opened it right away and then remembered to take photos for my reveal! I did the picture by picture thing of each moment, and lifted up the flap of the LV dust bag, and GASPED. Instead of a DAMIER EBENE SPEEDY 30, it was a DAMIER AZUR!!!!!!!! :cry:

    My heart just sank. I looked at the enclosed receipt in the thick card envelope and all it says is DAMIER 30. So I go back online into my LV account and it says DAMIER EBENE 30, which is correct. I call LV immediately and I tell them what happened, give them my order number, etcetera and the gal was super helpful and apologetic. She says it truly is a packaging mixup and emails me an overnight return shipping slip for the package. I have the option of getting a complete refund, but requested the right bag be shipped to me. Gina does something in the computer so that when an ebene speedy 30 comes into stock, it will get sent immediately to me.

    I am SOOO bummed. I was waiting all week for the bag and was about to transfer all of my purse stuffs to it and was stoked to wear it for the weekend. Has this happened to anybody before?~!!
  2. That really sucks, I can imagine your disappointment. I hope to get the damier Ebene one day too. I hope you get it soon.
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  4. oh no. how disappointing!!!!
  5. Oh my~ sorry that's happened to you. I have never had anything like that happen to me before. I actually have had great experiences with LV's website and even eLuxury from eons ago.

    Hope you can get your Ebene soon!
  6. oh nooo!! I just got my damier speedy 30 at an lv boutique this week, and loving her! I hope you get yours soon :smile: cant wait to see your pics.
  7. Oh how disappointing!! I hope you get the right bag soon!!
  8. Sorry to hear about your experience. You would think they had a better system of check before packing than this!! Hope you get your Ebene speedy soon.
  9. oh wow...i'm surprised they'd make such a big mistake! but to be honest, i have both ebene and azur 30, and i like azur better;)
  10. bummer :sad: hope you get your new bag soon!!!!!
  11. Apparently on the return form there is a box that says something along the lines of "wrong item received"...Anyway, I JUST got an email saying the damier ebene speedy 30 is back in stock and to call back to confirm my order??! Going to try and push for expedited shipping. HRMPH. Still, having to waste my time to go to FEDEX now...
  12. UGH LV won't let them process the new item until the old item is received, per the SA...and the distribution center isn't open on the weekends so I have to wait until next week. So frustrated. At least they okay'ed the overnight shipping for my ebene, but still. :smash:
  13. Sorry to hear that the mistake happened with your order. I'm sure you'll get and be enjoying the right purse soon.
  14. Oh no, that's a pretty big mistake! I also have both Damier Speedys and actually like the Azur better.
  15. Oh that sucks, but I'm glad they'll get you a new one in your color with free shipping!