Shocked! Hearing other peoples cellphone conversations when my sister calls!!

  1. kinda freaked out.. My sister calls today.. and all i can hear is this lady talking weird... She was talking about her dog, and how her dog knows when shes drunk:wtf:.. All i kept saying was helloooo!! and she never responded.. I guess she never knew i was listening to her... Then i just started to laugh my ass off... the conversation was funny as hell..

    So i hang up, and on the caller ID it had my sisters #, AGAIN the same lady was talking, this time she was talking about her doctors visit... very strange... I thought it was my sisters friend prank calling me...

    I hang up again, and then my sister calls.. This time it was really her.. I told her what happened and she swore it was not any of her friends or her... She said, all she heard while she called me was, ME saying HELLO WHO IS THIS..

    So i tell her to call one more time to see what happens.. SURE again, i hear this man talking to his GF, he was like, OK honey i will call u later....

    Now I am just freaked.. Did anyone have the same experience.. Could my phone be tapped? LOL
  2. Never had that happen. I would now think maybe others could hear what you are saying when you talk on the cell phone too................
    Is this a one day thing or has it happend for a few days/weeks?
  3. No.. It happened today only.. And i answered with my HOME phone.. But my sister called with her Cellphone....
  4. this has happened to me a few times while talking to SO (both of us on our cell phones). one time it was somebody speaking spanish, other times it's been just random men or women-whenever i can hear this, SO can't. i just hang up, call him back, and don't hear it anymore most of the time.
  5. It was just soo weird because... The lady was talking about the most random things.. I actually recorded it..
  6. I've had my phone connect into other people's conversations when I've been talking to a friend! It's so weird!
  7. This has happened to me before too! It's super weird, but I always just end up hanging up and calling whoever I was talking to back, and usually that fixes the problem.
  8. LOL @ your phone being tapped. NOOO its not tapped! The phone lines just crossed, Im not sure why or how it happens...but it does! Its very interesting to hear what other people talk about lmao.
  9. This has happened to me before. My cellphone provider is TMobile and there was like a week period where I kept getting weird people on the phone. But I was actually able to talk to them. I called my sister and got some weird guy. He was just calling someone too and had no idea who I was. LOL! Lines have been getting crossed a lot lately. It's hilarious.
  10. Yes, I've had this happen when on my cell phone. When it has happened, the other person can't hear me but I can hear their entire conversation with another person. It also happened to me on a landline phone along time ago! I guess we should all be careful what we say on our phones as you never know if "someone" will catch your conversation!!
  11. I've had that happen a couple of times. I can hear the other person clear as day. It's really weird. I think the lines just get crossed sometimes. Either that or the person at the NSA listening in on your calls forgot to hit the mute button.
  12. Yep this has happened to me maybe once or twice in the last 8 years. And I know the time period because I lived in another country before that where it happened all the time. It sure is CREEPY though, I know I talk a lot of crap with my DH and sometimes we even joke about if-anyone-could-hear-us-what-they'd-think LOL. Like if the aliens could hear us..they'd think humans were all on crack haha. Or if I'm dissing something in politics we start acting funny incase they're tapping the lines..and we talk about the shipments of coke coming in etc etc..teehee. But yeesh, this reminds me to be more careful..what if someone I know hears me!
  13. That's never happened to me before. I think I would definitely be weirded out!!!
  14. this has happened to me before but my goodness I just had an awful about if my phone was intercepted when I'm making an order over the phone with BALNY and i'm reading out my credit card number ?

    that would suck.
  15. I thought it was your cell phone at first. OK-that did happen to me years ago. When I wanted to use the phone there was always another person on it. I could hear them talking and they could hear was like a party line and it ended up the person lived in my development. Called the phone company and they came out and it turned out the wires in the main phone box in front of my house were crossed---they fixed it in minutes and never a problem again. So I would call the phone company and let them fix it.