shocked:gold giant no longer in production!?!

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  1. hi gals !!

    i just received an email from my SA IN France , i am still shocked and i hope it is not true

    please read :

    Dear ..
    If you desire to have an envelope giant gold I might be able to have one for you since the Gold giants won't be available after this season!
    keep me updated and i'm glad you like the bag

    :wtf::wtf:what??? please tell me it is not true:cry:

    i asked him for further explanation ,but still no reply
  2. I have read that they are replacing the GGH with the RGGH. I'm not sure why...
  3. oh no, that would be sad! why would they do that if it's so popular, makes no sense. not sold on the rose gold as of yet.
  4. i am in despair right now. i love the gold. what is their problem?
  5. WTF???? Oh, why? Now that I finally have decided to buy a GGH bag, typical!!! What is wrong with producing both RGGH and GGH?

    I'm going to Bal London next Friday and will ask them about this. If this is true, they are doing a mistake IMO:bagslap:
  6. oh no! i still need something with ggh. they can't do that :nono:
    bella, have you asked already bal milan?
  7. My SA at vegas told me the same thing. She said they think Balenciaga is planning on getting rid of GGH. She said no main collection S/S 2010 colors in GGH.
  8. weird because my rep at barney's tells me that balenciaga will lift the ban on GGH outside the boutiques next year. haven't we heard this rumor before? i hope it's not true.
  9. I don't doubt this info at all. The GGH is actual 18k gold plated is what I was told by Balenciaga. With the price of gold going up, they might have a problem with doing GGH.
  10. infact they can't [​IMG].... POOR GOLD GIANT------->[​IMG]

    i will call my SA in milan tomorrow asking for further explanation,but CANNES SA WAS SURE ABOUT IT
  11. :nuts::nuts: really unim? i didn't know it was 18k gold plated!!!:P
  12. yes, I will be back in parma on wednesday otherwise i would call them... but i fear it's true...
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:hurry up!!!
  14. That's what I suspected as well, the cost of gold. But I wasn't sure if the GGH was real gold. I guess rose gold is cheaper...yet they insist on price increases:rolleyes:
  15. Oh no! I'll be so sad if this is true. :cry::wtf: There's so many more GGH bags that I want to buy yet.