Shocked.. eBay suspended my account!!!

  1. I've opened an account in eBay and the next day i listed a Chanel bag for sale. minutes later, my account got suspended!!

    I've emailed eBay to know the reason, so they sent me an email, requesting passport ID, Copy of my Credit card and a photo of me with the bag i listed to make i own it!!! :wtf: Is this a normal practice??

    The link in which i listed my Chanel bag included datecode and authenticity card with the same datecode.. so I'm not sure what they're talking about!

    So i sent them passport copy and copy of my credit card statement. Didn't feel good about sending my picture with the bag it just sounded stupid!.. so now they refuse to process my appeal until i send the picture!!!

    Anyone had this problem before?? why is it happing to me?? is it because I'm not located in the U.S?? I've been dealing with neimanmarcus for a long time never had a problem!:rant:

    What do u guys think??
  2. As far as I know, chanel has really cracked down on the sale of fakes on ebay and iofer.

    It's probably cause you were a new member and youre not in the US.. and because it's Chanel
  3. I know its a real pain in the ass for you, but I for one am actually quite impressed that they are doing this. It proves they are seriously trying to curb the sale of bags that do not belong to the person listed. I know its bad for you pinkish love, but I would take the piccie and send it to them, nobody else is going to use the picture if you are sending it to ebay :smile:
  4. Are you sure that it's an official e-mail from eBay? The fact that they are asking for such personal information really makes me weary.
  5. I had some problems with ebay a while ago.. they asked for a copy of my drivers license.. .thought it was odd.. but it was to verify my address.. so I just faxed it.
  6. That was the first thing I thought also!!
  7. I'm surprised they'd request actual photo copies of your passport. I would call ebay and ask them personally to make sure it's legit. Maybe they are cracking down and I can't see how a scammer could suspend your account, but just in case for precautionary reasons I'd double check, especially when there are major security concerns these days.
  8. I get fake paypal & ebay emails all the time, they can look quite official too. Only respond to the messages that actually show up in your ebay & paypal accounts, if they are just in your inbox then forget it.
  9. well looking at eBay, i can identify 1000000000000 scammers.. eBay left them all and picked me! :crybaby:

    i think its because i'm not located in US so they wanted to make sure i have a valid creditcard.. but that picture thing is annoying!
  10. The email i got was from eBay!.. because when i faxed the documents, they sent me another email saying they didn't get the photo! i don't know what a scammer would do with my photo with a bag lol

    anyways.. i think ill just send them the photo to satisfy their curiosity!
  11. wow thats intense, but like someone mentioned already, it makes me feel kinda good about ebay... meh, still not using it to buy bags! haha, toooo sketched.
  12. I listed a Chanel bag last week and the auction finished last night with a winner. Today, ebay have said they have deleted the auction as the bag is a fake. I know full well it is not. I have really had it with ebay!! How comes the real fakes are still there?
  13. I also had ebay cancel my chanel listings and I have been an ebay memeber for 5 years and have 100% feedback with over 400+. They didnt even ask questions they just pulled my auctions. Mine were 100% real and I purchased them from Saks.
    I tried to get answers but they just keep saying something about Viro, with no answers.
    The kicker of course is there are hundreds of listings on Ebay still that are obvious FAKES!!
  14. I think you mean VERO, which as I understand it, tries to identify and report on certain brands for ebay. I've never been VERO'd--but I've never listed a Chanel. Apparently, certain brands get VERO'd more readily and very often authentic ones get unjustly targeted. I'm sure there's someone here who knows more about how VERO works than I do. Anyone?

  15. I agree. :yes:

    It's obviously, really annoying for anyone selling a genuine Chanel, but frankly, I'd rather eBay overreacted slightly, if it means that they are being forced to clean up their act.

    Shame they're not making anywhere near the same effort for other designer items. Apparently, other R-T-W designers would do well to take a leaf out of Chanel's book.