Shocked at what I can fit into reg Lily

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  1. Having recently splurged on a Daria satchel, I'm now lusting after a Lily. Initially, I was dubious about how much 'stuff' a regular Lily would contain for daytime use, but today I tried one on in John Lewis and (surprisingly) this is what it comfortably fitted in (just FYI, if anyone's considering a purchase...):

    Small umbrella
    Wallet (fat Mulberry one from a decade ago - forget name)
    Big, jangly keys attached to fob

    I'm pleasantly surprised and heartened by the knowledge this size of Lily will serve as an evening PLUS smart daytime bag. My bank balance, on the other hand, is cowering in fright.

    Now waiting for a black/oxblood to pop up in the outlets/sales *prays* :smile:
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    Ha ha! It's a bit like a tardis isn't it! Like you I find I can can cram loads into my regular lilies! For example, make up bag, iPhone, keys, purse, (Mulberry tree purse), pen and tiny hand wipe thingies from M and S. Mind you there's not a millimetre of space left, but hey, that's good enough for me. Saying all of this is not helping my cause, I saw a beautiful taupe lily in my local concession the other day with nickel hardware. Oh how I want, want, want, it was truly gorgeous! Can I just add, it's a small make up bag containing eye pencil, lip gloss and cotton buds!
  3. It does fit quite a bit, doesn't it? I love my regular size Lily and use it when I don't want to haul the world around with me. It's a great investment handbag. I can fit:

    LV zippy compact wallet (this is 6.25"x 4" and holds a ton)
    LV mini pochette (with make up inside and lip balm)
    cell phone
    Still have bits of space left over!
  4. Oh, this is the one I've been lusting over but I wondered how the taupe color would look in person. You loved it? It's not a drab taupe color?
  5. It's a stunning colour Youngster, I can't stop looking at it on the M. website. I think what makes it work so well is the contrast with the nickel hardware, it wouldn't be half as lovely if it were soft gold. I thought at first it be might be too near to deer brown, which I'm not very fond of but this is a warm grey/ mouse/mole arrghh, it's hard to describe but the website is very true to it's colour it's just fab ad I am so tempted for the spring/ summer as it's such a 'safe' neutral. I can see a purchase happen far sooner than later, there's no hope for me!
  6. Ha! Tardis-like, exactly. The make-up bag sounds amazing, I'd scale back my make-up routine for that..!
  7. Oh Rachel, I wish, that make up bag is just an essential item make up bag for shopping trips and an evening out.. The TRUE make up bag is the size of a suitcase which remains at home at all times. At my age I need a lot of Pollyfilla believe you me!
  8. I've fit a paperback book inside mine.
    With tree continental wallet, phone, etc.

    Is larger than seems.
    Yet, bit tight, when try squeezing in BOTH wallet & mulberry make up case(no book!).
    So usually leave out case.

    Mostly use mine as evening bag, though is nice for day occasionally.
    Good bag to have in collection.
  9. I think I'll dig out my shoehorn and see what I can get in mine!! I'm surprised at the paperback but have one at the ready! 📚
  10. Hehehe--eventually, I'll try to cram a book into every bag.
    Am book mad. :biggrin:
  11. Great use of space. Making me want one even more. What colour would you say is most versatile for day-evening wear? Black?
  12. I've got a taupe Daria satchel with nickel hardware and agree it's a brilliant combo for a neutral bag :smile:
  13. Ha! I'm exactly the same...
  14. V impressive! A true tardis of a bag.
  15. Black is fantastic for sure, with either nickel or soft gold. I think you should look carefully at which leather would suit you best. I think the current black Lily's come in glossy goat and there is deep embossed croc. Mine is from a couple years ago and is in soft grain. Glossy goat seems to hold it's structure better, though my soft grain is also holding up well. I do keep it stuffed between uses.

    Oh, and I forgot that I can also fit my kindle in my regular Lily! It slides right in behind everything else I listed above. Just a great bag.