Shocked at LV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inclusion lovers please read.

  1. I had a brand new beige inclusion bracelet, never used and was selling it, I took it out of the little pouch and noticed it had a crack in it, I took it to my local Lv store and they said there was not anything they could do for me. I called 1866 and had a long talk with the customer service rep, it seems costume jewelry is not under warranty with LV, she put me on hold to see if there were any past problems with inclusion bracelets cracking or chipping and said she never had a phone call like this, my complaint was the only one, I find that hard to belive ,but ok. They did not offer to even attempt to fix it for me or exchange it, just said I am out of my money and stuck with a defective peice of plastic. I am truely shocked as I thought LV was known for excelent quality and wonderful customer service. I had to rant as this peice was brand new and come on , inclusions are over priced , but we buy them because they are so pretty and hopefully a quality plastic for 350 a pop. Im just frustrated! Has anyone had any problems with thier inclusion peices, please let me know... :crybaby:
  2. i've never purchased an inclusion piece; however, i have read on the tpf that many people have had problems with their inclusions, especially the gray bracelet. I'm sorry to hear about the way LV treated you - that's just horrible that they don't offer a warranty on a $350 plastic bracelet!!!!
  3. my black one is cracked all the way through...i still wear it a lot but i don't wear it as much as i used to...i don't know how it cracked, but i took it to LV and they said the EXACT same thing...totally sucks, made me angry, but *shrug* what else is there to do...
  4. Seriously? I have two inclusions and now I'm going to be super paranoid when I wear them!
  5. Wow, I am sorry that this happened to you and that they wouldn't help you. Maybe you could talk to a manager?
  6. WOW that is crazy. I have 3 and so far they are all good but now I am worried about them breaking like that. The issues with the grey I have read are tarnished LV symbols and not aligned.
  7. This is actually true unfortunately. Awhile back when I was buying a Speedy keyring, they said something about not being returnable after being used at ALL because people drop, scratch and chip them, then return them for refunds or exchanges. They recommend that you examine them IN STORE if possible so you can point out any flaws and they know it wasn't you who damaged it.
  8. Thats really horrible that they won't do anything about it. I'd write the LV company if I were you and anyone else with this problem should do the same so maybe in the future they will do something?
  9. wow that really sucks! and i was thinking about getting one too.. because its so beautiful!
  10. that's terrible! I've always wanted an inclusion piece but never got one because they seem too fragile for me.....
  11. Well, I know now I will never buy anything inclusion no matter how much I love them.
  12. what she said :yes: i think what the SA and Customer Service said was pretty reasonable. its like trying to return a magazine to the newsagents for a refund. when did you purchase this bangle anyways?
  13. I purchased it in July, but never used it, it still was new and unused in the pouch , If I had used it I can understand as it would of been me who caused the damage and I would take the responsibility, Im mad because it has never been used and they could of at least tried a repair situation.
  14. Another thing, the bags are under warrenty but the jewely isnt, that I do not understand, and I disagree with it being like reading a magazine and returning to the bookstand, since I have had no enjoyment of the bracelet, it has sat in the pouch and box. I am in sales and I stand by my product, if I cant offer a refund or exchange I find a solution to make the client feel happy, suggest a repair maybe? I feel no service was given. :nogood:
  15. ~Oh no....that's just terrible. I would be horribly upset too:cursing::hysteric:~