Shock! Look what happened to my Alexa strap :(

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  1. Feeling a bit upset. After seeing my pic you will understand. I only had my Alexa grape for less than two months and look what happened to the strap.... (Not sure whether you can see it properly in the pic)

    The leather on the strap is peeling away already!! Has this happened to anyone else?

    I'm finding the bag doesn't hold that much so it's not too heavy when I'm carrying it anyway and I usually have it on my shoulder. Could the strain be wearing the strap away? You'd think for such an expensive bag, it will hold up for longer.

    I'm planning on taking to the store tomorrow and see what they say...

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  2. Hi Candy, I'm looking at your post on my phone so it's a little difficult to see the problem with the strap. That said, if the leather is peeling after only two months you definitely need to bring it back to the shop. Mulberry are usually good about dealing with problems. Let us know what response you get from them.
  3. I think I can see the issue, the leather that goes round the clip has loosened away? It won't be any consolation to you, but you're not the first - so hopefully they''ll be able to sort it out - maybe give u a replacement strap? x
  4. yikes that doesn't look right, esp after 2 months of light use. Don't worry, they will definately sort something out for you, wether it's a new strap or replacement bag
  5. take it back, they will repair/replace
  6. Thanks all for your kind messages. After 3 weeks of waiting for the bag to be in stock again in the London store, I have finally got a replacement Alexa Grape. My only issue is that it looks slightly different to the one I returned. While my old alexa was soft, wrinkled and grainy, the new one is very smooth an feels thinner in some places (see pics: the one on left is the new one).

    I read that the leather used to make the bags vary from bag to bag, but what is considered to be "normal"? Is the leather meant to feel thin and smooth?

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  7. This issue has come up with Alexas before. I think I remember someone saying it may depend on which part of the buffalo the leather comes from. Some alexas are grainy and some are smoother. If you're not happy with the one the store gave you could you ring and ask to see the other ones which they might have in stock. You may find one which is more to your taste.
  8. I think the alexa leathers vary alot from one bag to another. If it's possible, see if you can go in store to select the one you like best x
  9. A hide will vary in thickness and grain throughout depending on where from the hide the bag is cut out from iykwim. The hide will have thinner more wrinkled parts for instance under the legs. This is why the leather on the Alexas very so much. It's a matter of choosing one that suits you and having a choice where possible. I think it's important to have a bag with consistent grain, whether it be very grainy all over or smooth. If the flap is smooth then I would look for the same on the front body of the bag. I wouldn't worry too much if the back was a bit different but the front should be evenly marked. Does that make sense:confused1:
  10. Thanks guys that was very useful to know. I think I might stick it out and use it to see how it goes! tPf- great as usual!
  11. Just to give everyone an update, the replacement bag is doing wonders! No more quality issues as of yet (fingers crossed). Must have been a one-off quality issue with the first one I bought.
  12. That's great news, hopefully it will stay that way
  13. Good news candy - thanks for the update - glad your replacement is working out for you.
  14. great news. hope that you and your bag have many more happy years together :smile: xx