shld i buy the metallic purple mj elise bag ?!

  1. dear ladies:

    a friend offered me this bag with picture attached for USD 1395 -

    drool or fool ? i noticed that stam is mj's it bag and not really elise .. but i think it is still pretty and nice for everyday use at work ...

    i just bought my first chloe paddie in blue nuit and im thinking seriously of an immediate second purchase ... i have to say i like this bag .. but would like to get second opinion if it is worth it or not .. because im also thnking that i should get a chanel instead for more or less the same price ... any suggestions ???
    Marc Jacobs Collection Elise Metallic purple.jpg
  2. I like the color but I think it has a very dated look. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad in silver but you'll probably get sick of the purple. Also, it has such a distinctive look that I think it'll be hard to build outfits around it. Definitely not a work bag because it just doesn't "go" with office clothing. Just my honest opinion. If you want that shape for the office, you might as well get a regular quilted leather elise.
  3. very beautiful..depends on how much she's selling it for though...
  4. nah... wonnt get enough use. i'd rather get a no quilted elise or the normal quilted in another color
  5. Is she offering the bag for USD 1395 :confused1:

    That's a lot of money for a color that is hard to combine and is not classic. Perhaps you can shop around more and find 2 or 3 bags you really want and compare them to this purple one.
  6. ^ I think it's close to the retail price of this bag...

    I think it's pretty, but it's really up to you. Do you think you'd get a lot of use out of a metallic purple satchel style bag?
  7. for that $$, i would get a bag that has more everyday use. And at that price, you can buy something new!
  8. For that amount of money, I'd buy a bag that I know for SURE that I love and adore. :smile:
  9. If you love it, then go for it! I saw this bag IRL and it's really beautiful. The color is rich and really jumps out at you.
    Also, Elise is a great MJ style. IMO, it's classic!
  10. I really love that color and though it wouldn't be something that I would use everyday, it would bring a smile to my face to see it in my collection.

    That said, I would never pay that much money for it. But I won't pay that much money for any bag - the most I'll go is $500.
  11. I think this is a very specific bag. I can imagine I will have a hard time to pick the right outfit to wear it with this bag plus not a big fan of metallic and patchwork either.
  12. pretty bag, but not worth that to me...i just wouldn't use it that much....
  13. I would get a chanel at that price.
  14. I loooove MJ but for that price I would probably get a Chanel. It's a nice bag and if you absolutely LOVE it you should get it. However, for a used bag it seems a little expensive.
  15. I really don't like the patchwork line. Not my cup of tea. If she were giving you that money, I'd say yeah, take it off her hands.