shiver me happy!

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  1. everytime i look at my anthracite paddy, i get the shivers. i feel all giddy and happy at work. makes it all seem worth it, ya know? must be crazy, so which bag does it for you? pictures please~!

  2. I have one that does that to me. It's my kate spade satin pink amanda.


    The color is so much better in person. I've never used it yet.
  3. My whiskey paddington. The leather is so soft, and it smells good :shame: I couldn't stop staring at it when I first got it. A lady at the bank complimented me on it today :biggrin:
  4. My Chocolate Paddy. :love:
  5. ditto Chris!!! :smile:
    my whiskey paddy makes me get butterflies in my tummy :smile:

  6. paddies rule! i can't wait for someone on the board to post the dior gaucho, because i'm sure that's going to be the next shiver me happy for all of us!
  7. Haha....funny topic. I unfortunately don't have a bag that does that, but when I do get one, I will definitely share.
  8. Noriko's last Dior saddle gave me goosebumps when she posted pictures. I think I'm in love with that.
  9. [​IMG] These babies do it for me ... lol
  10. I just got the ss06 black stam with the shiny metal (wearing it today). Ahhaaaahhhh...i'm shivering uncontrollably!!! =)