Shiseido UV White- Control and Protect Base

  1. The good news is I just found simply the best base cream plus sunprotection. I forgot my Mother (who recently passed away :sad:) gave it to me shortly before she passed, it's by Shiseido and its called UV White Control and Protect Base Cream (Ivory).

    I'm about to run out, so I was looking on Shiseido's website, and I can't even find this line at all. However, I do a search of the product and it shows up for sale on Amazon and other websites.

    Anyone know if this has been discontinued? and/or sold only in Asia? Maybe, some of you have seen this line out in Asia, Europe etc??

    Also, do you think its safe to buy on Amazon (through their 3rd party sellers)? I've heard they have lots of fake cosmetics online.

    Any information anyone can provide me would be helpful!

  2. :dots: argh.. No one knows about this!!

    I've asked here, did my own research and asked all my friends to no avail :search:

    oh well..I guess it goes with my bad luck regarding the Quest for the Perfect Foundation/Base .
  3. I have bought Shiseido products online through Amazon and have been completely satisfied! I have no idea why some products are not available on their website when they are available elsewhere but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Good luck!
  4. shiseido is quite popular here in asia. lots of place where you can fine them.
  5. I've seen it on a recent trip to Singapore.
    as for websites selling them, u could try or another way would be to get someone who is in asia to buy it for you and then ship it. might even be cheaper this way.
    actually..i just checked they dont have the base..just the moisturizer, toner and cleanser.
  6. Thanks ! :cutesy:
  7. i've never used this product... so i'm not sure where it's available.. but just wanted to add that is one of my favorite sites to order cosmetics that i can't find around here. awesome service, and quick shipping too! it takes 5-7 days to get to MN, and they are based in HK
  8. i've heard is reliable and u get discounts each time u order. they have shiseido UV white