Shiseido "The Skincare"

  1. I was recently given two samples from Shiseido's "The Skincare" line ("Night Moisture Recharge Enriched" and "purifying mask") after the SA examined my face and declared it to be breaking out a bit due to dryness. I started using the night moisturizer on Friday night and noticed yesterday (3 days later) that some fairly red acne had developed. Does anyone know if the moisturizer I was given is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)? I think it may be the root of the sudden intensification of my breakout, but I suppose stress could also be the cause..
    If it isn't non-comedogenic, does Shiseido make any similar moisturizers that are? I really like the one I was given--its smell, consistency and cute little container...
  2. if it is making you break out, dont use it! i remember using the pureness line from shiseido back in the day and it was quite nice. it's made for younger acne prone skin.
  3. I liked the Shiseido The Skincare line. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten the "enriched" version. I've got oilier skin, and I used to use the light version. Go change it!
  4. sometimes when you start a new skin care line it might make your skin break out. it's pretty normal. however if seems to get worse over a week or more, then get rid of it.

    i'm currently using the pureness line.... not sure on it yet... i accidentally used my clinique cleanser one morning (have both bottles sitting side by side) and i kinda liked the way my skin felt after using clinique better.
  5. I'm currently using Shiseido's skincare and I too broke out the first few days. I continued using it only because I'd paid so much for it (lol), and after a week or so my skin was back to normal.

    I guess it's just a reaction due to the change in formulations/ingredients from the previous skincare I was using. But it's all good now! Though, as vogue said, you might want to get the light version if you have oily skin like we do. I'm thinking I should get the enriched version for winter, when my skin gets too dry.

    Hope this helps!
  6. i am a sworn shiseido user esp of the skincare cleansing lotion which i have been using for the past 20 years ever since college days (yes thats how old i am). i have noticed that whenever you put any moisturizer on your face, you have to make sure that your face is very clean or you will break out. by the way how old are you, m wondering how come they gave you enriched moisturizer, maybe they should have given you emulsion. oh, i noticed you said purifying mask, maybe thats the culprit. wait a few days and see
  7. I just turned 19 this month. What is 'emulsion'?
  8. zenzen,
    the secret to good skin is a clean face. before putting anything on your face, whether moisturizer or powder,make sure it is really clean. i usually use cleansing lotion at night(wipe w cotton pads at least 3 times) coz i dont want to wash my face (will cause facial spasm esp when u are tired) and use the purifying cleansing foam in the morning. at 19, most likely you have oily skin. maybe you should try the Pureness line.are you asian, where do you live? i rarely use moisturizer coz i live in the tropics, it is only when i reached my forties before i started using moisturizer, but people says i look more than 10 years younger than my age coz i dont have wrinkles.
    emulsion is thinner/lighter or less concentrated than cream, the texture is almost watery- very much like the Shiseido cleansing lotion
    hope this helps
  9. Zenzen, I might be wrong but the Skincare might be too rich a cream for the age of your skin. I'm not a beauty professional but I did a fair share of work in the sector and had a boyfriend who was a real expert.
    When I was your age I used Shiseido Pureness (I have a combination skin), Biotherm and Hydra Zen by Lancome as moisturizers.

    Hope this helps