Shiseido skincare

  1. I've never used Shiseido, except for a lipstick awhile back, but I'm interested in trying their skin care....

    what are 1 or 2 products I should try first? My skin is usually oily, and I'm looking to even out the skin tone (I'm NC50)
  2. I went to get some powder foundation at their counter (I LOVE it BTW and will never use anything else) and the saleslady convinced me to buy their facewash. I used it for a week and really liked how it made my skin feel but I'm Back to my Aloe Body Shop products because I bought the whole set like a week before so I felt I outta finish that off before I continue with Shisheido. I really did love it the week I was using it tho!
  3. I use the whole Shiseido line. I use their Pureness line. You should use this too since you have oily skin. I would try their facial wash called (foaming cleanser) and their gel cream. THey're great!