Shiseido Purness Line

  1. Does anyone use this or know of someone who does? I've looked on makeupalley and it gets really good reviews... went to the actual shiseido website to check out the full line and there's so much stuff! so i'm wondering how much do you actually have to use?

    I plan on using the deep cleansing foam and then sephora also has the matifying moisturizer and balancing softner which i'm assuming i'll want to use 1, but should i really use both?
  2. I used it b4 when my skin is more oily.
    It's a good product. You should try it!
    I used to use both too
  3. ok great! thanks!
    i plan on going and picking up some tomorrow. my current clinique stuff is almost out and i think it's time for something new!
  4. I have been an avid shisheido user for the last 7 years. You should use all the products in the steps set up... cleanse tone moisture. My fave pureness items are the pore purifying warming scrub then using the pore minimizing cooling essence its the best!
  5. I have only tried the matifying mosturizer for a few made my skin really soft
  6. I use the cleanser and toner. Both very very good, especially for me because I have oily/combo skin. ;)
  7. I alternate the pureness cleanser with the gentle cleansing foam. I love the fact that it's not drying and a tube lasts forever.
  8. I'm currently using the normal Shiseido skincare line. It's great!! I'm sure Pureness will be too. One thing about Shiseido is you MUST smell the products before you buy anything because some people find the fragrance to be too strong. I personally like it a lot! Also, a little bit goes a long way. I only use a dime-size dollop of cleanser, 2 squirts of toner, and another dime-size dollop of moisturizer. That's enough for your whole face! So it's a great cost-per-wear range, considering it's not exactly cheap.

    I've got nothing more than raves for anything Shiseido.
  9. this makes me very excited to go and buy this stuff tonight!!!:yahoo:

    who knew one could be so excited about skin care products. i think i just love trying new stuff. i have mainly oily skin so i hope this works well for me. and i hope sephora has it in stock because on the website it's out of stock!
  10. ok so apparently the sephora here doesn't carry that line in their store.. but luckily when i checked this morning they had it back in stock online! and the combo of items was enough for free shipping so i guess i can deal with that. just slightly disappointing that i can't run to the store and get this stuff if i really like it and run out
  11. i use it and i find it to be really gentle and it lasts forever! my skin doesnt look better to me but i get compliments that i have pretty skin
  12. You can also get it at the Dillard's and Macy's stores. I got mine from Macy's. The SA must've adored me 'cause I got the whole line and some makeup items as well LOL.
  13. I used it before when I'm 17-22 and it works great. Anyway, if you put a lot of makeup, the cleanser is not strong enough to remove all dirt.