Shiseido purchased in Japan have higher quality?

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  1. I traveled home to the USA from Japan today. On the flight, I mentioned to my Japanese friends that I was planning to buy some Shiseido products when I got home. They both agreed that I should have bought Shiseido in Japan. They said that Japan had higher quality standards for ingredients. And products made in Japan were often different when purchased in other countries. That it was always better to purchase beauty products in Japan. Especially Shiseido, as it was a Japanese company.

    They both admitted they didn’t know this for sure but had always been told this.

    Does anyone know this for sure? Is it possible that the standards between the USA version and the Japanese version would be that different? It’s possible for me to wait till I return to Japan to purchase the product. It’s just a bummer.
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  2. I’m heard it too and wanna know if it’s true
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  3. I can't confirm for Shiseido, but it is true that formulations for a lot of consumer products in Japan are of higher quality than the rest of the world. This is true even of supermarket brands like Pantene. I've had colleagues hoard giant shampoo bottles when on business trip to Japan. The product formulations are different because the Japanese consumer is extremely picky and sensitive, so what works for most markets won't sell in JP.
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  4. Interesting.
  5. I've also heard that Asian make-up and skin care products contain whitening ingredients which are banned in North America. And yes, the Asian consumer is very picky when it comes to their beauty routine.
  6. This is totally true. Asians take their skincare products seriously - especially those in Korea and Japan.
  7. Different countries will have different health and safety codes as well as consumer preferences, so yes formulations could vary even if products appear similar. This could be for better or worse, some US products might be better and some Japanese products might be better. Like the comment about whitening ingredients, those may or may not be a good thing.
  8. So.... I purchased shiseido in Japan many years ago. It was a whitening product and wow... it was amazing. My freckles faded big time and my mom, who I had not seen for a few months as she lives in a different state than me commented on my faded freckles! I was amazed. I then purchased the same product in the US and I can say it didn’t do a thing. I told myself it was because my freckles already faded to the Max they can. Well... freckles became age spots and I purchased shiseido again, from the US. Nope! Nothing! So I quit buying shiseido.

    If you ask me, I would say to buy in Japan.

    You can also order from Japanese online vendors.