Shiseido Mascara Base

  1. Hi all
    This is branching off of aarti's Lancome mascara thread. Have you used this base? What are your thoughts about it. Reviews on makeupalley are pretty positive. I've converted from Lancome Cils booster to SMB and rebought several times. I think it does a fabulous job of "boosting" any mascara, i.e. you need 1 less coat. However, I find it a bit hard to remove, even with a dual phase makeup remover. Are any of you running into this too? :confused1: The rougher I try to remove it, the more I fear I will rip my eyelashes off. :wtf: It sticks like glue!
  2. Yes, I've tried this and I love this much more than Lancome Cils Booster too. :yes: IMO, it does a better job and it's more "transparent" in comparison to Lancome's which is somewhat of a solid white shade so I hate it when sometimes mascara can't cover it all, leaving some obvious white stain on my lashes.

    Well, it is slightly harder to remove but I use Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and removing it is fairly easy. I can't remember if I'm on my second or third tube but I'll be needing a new one soon. I seldom stick to one product since I get bored easily but I kinda doubt there will be a better mascara base out there that I'll be tempted to switch. :p
  3. i bought this product based on the positive review on the makeupalley. i had high hopes for this product, but i hated it. it was definitely money wasted. it was clumpy, it was impossible to remove. it is just a gross, useless product. i would not recommend it to anyone.
  4. ah i have the same cleansing oil. what is your method? cotton ball? swab?
  5. I love this product. I don't find it hard to remove at all. I use Lancome's Bi-Facil and my friend uses Shiseido's eye makeup remover( I don't know its name). Both of us don't have any problems removing it. I simply soak the cotton pad with Bi-Facil and put it on my eyelashes for 10 sec. before removing the mascara. Oh! I always shake my Bi-Facil before using it.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I just hate getting the makeup remover in my eye though, which is why i moved to swabs, even if it takes longer =\ Maybe I should give it another try...I really want to like this!
  7. I bought this also based on MUA reviews, and I'm not sure what it's really done for me. I don't find it hard to remove, but I don't think there are any really dramatic effects.
  8. At first I thought so it didn't give really dramatic effect, till one day I was in a hurry and skip it, applying just the mascara alone and then I know I can't live without it! Lol... :p
  9. Well, I'm a bit anal when removing makeup so I actually have a 3-step routine. :sweatdrop:

    Step 1: First, wipe off all makeup using a makeup removal sheet. Most eye, face and lips makeup are removed but I notice the mascara base stays with a little foundation stain on face too.

    Step 2: Pump some Shu Cleansing Oil onto palm, then wipe it all over face, including eye and lashes. Once it's rinsed, all makeup is totally removed.

    Step 3: Because I'm super anal, I just had to go through this last step with a normal foam cleanser. :p

    Well, I think you can also choose to pump some onto cotton ball to wipe it off too. I've tried that before and it works just as well.