Shiseido Foundation Brush

  1. I think it works really well for light coverage -- Im usually quite light on foundation (less than pea size for my whole face), and it works quite well for me. Everything blends beautifully and gives a "no makeup" look, which I love :smile:
  2. Thank you so much for this (I think, lol!)! Guess I'll be picking one up shortly :p
  3. I just wanted to report back that I finally picked this brush up earlier this week and must now join the ranks of the ravers: this brush is simply amazing, I can't believe I even hesitated getting it!!!! Thank you to all here for recommending it :smile:
  4. Aw yay! Glad it worked out well for you! :smile:
  5. I've used my brush several times now since I first posted, it's a great easy to use brush! I like it much better than the flat tapered foundation brushes. Sometimes those leave streaks. This brush doesn't, it's super easy. I would recommend it to people who are both experts and novices in applying their makeup. It's foolproof in that it just blends if you move the brush around in any direction!