Shiseido Foundation Brush

  1. Are you using the brush with the Shiseido liquid foundation?
  2. I got this a month ago and LOVE it. I can use it for liquid foundation or powder. It blends everything very well & can get into the crease by the nose, eyes, ect. When I went to purchase it, the SA told me that they pretty much sold out of each shipment that they get every single time. Should definitely try it out.
  3. Count me i!. I bought Shiseido Foundation brush last week and I absolutely love it.
  4. I love this too! It is a miniscule miracle worker. It works well with achieving a very natural flush, with cream blush. For those who are used to larger brushes, it may take some time to get used to.
  5. Anyone know how this compares to the sigma brush?
  6. Agree!!! I use it with Chanel Aqua Lumiere and it creates a great my-skin-but-better look. Def my favorite foundation brush to date, including several pricier ones...

    I've read some reviews complaining that the brush is too small, but I actually like the shorter handle (makes it easier to do makeup before I've popped my contacts in...) and the brush head is still full-size!
  7. I actually just bought this today! I was really impressed when I tested it out on my hand at the store. I can't wait to try it.
  8. I like the brush a lot, but cleaning it is hard. Ive actually stopped using it because I got so frustrated. I put a little soap in my hand and swirl it around. I finish by wiping it on a paper towel, but the brush still has makeup on it 10 swipes later! Any tricks for getting it super clean??
  9. Clean with water and soap, rinse and Use some waterproof eye makeup remover to soak brush, swirl rinse again and Bam you have a clean brush!.
  10. Oooh!!! I was thinking about getting this brush, but the reviews mentioned how difficult it was to clean, and I also got worried as it says that it gives a full coverage, no matter the foundation, and I'm very partial to a light/medium coverage. What do you ladies think, based on your experience?

    In the end I got another small brush that is absolutely fantastic and I love, but I have a thing for brushes, lol... And I am intrigued by Prufrock615's mention on how great it is for creme blush application ;)
  11. Thanks, annmac! When you say soak it in emr, do you mean put it in a cup and leave it there, or just put some on the brush?
  12. Just put some in a cup just a little bit not too much so it won't go to waist kwim swirl it around for a few seconds until you see some makeup coming off then wash with soap and water. Helped alot. I do this with my synthetic brushes. I totally love this brush! Hth :smile:
  13. ^ Perfect, thanks! :p