shiseido discounts?? also gift event soon!!

  1. does anyone know where i can buy discount shiseido products, besides most of the stuff there is the same price, but i would get the 5% so.. better than nothing but if anyone knows please let me know

    also they are having their big gift event soon, in about a week or so so wait for that to buy your products!!
  2. My sister gets 50% off RRP every 6mths as she works for them. The only thing is Im located in Australia and the next time they can order wont be till June/July I think. I have heaps of stuff from Shiseido that I havent used. Was there anything in particular?
  3. I really love their skincare products.
    I still favor them over any other brand.
  4. I would love to know too besides buying from the duty free stores when I go oversea. I know it's cheaper to buy their products in Asia. It was about $20 cheaper for me when I bought the Shiseido White Lucent tube (forgot the actual name) in Asia last year.
  5. thanks a bunch guys.. one thing thing about the "discount" sites.. a lot of times the mark the retail value over the actual retail value.. and the give you a disc.. and the "retail value" is what you get after.. but only sometimes.. i couple i know for sure retail isn't that much but some really are discounted.. for instance i got this at bloomie's was 21 there. plus tax s about 22ish.. on the site it says 26/27..then 18% off. so final price is 21..

    btw if you haven't tried this..try it!! i know the oil sounds scary but its the best thing i've ever used, i love it, the lady at the counter insisted on giving me a sample and it really is great..

    An oil-based cleanser formulated of exclusive ingredients for deep cleansing ,Effective removes the long-wearing foundation & water-proof sunscreen,Mild, lightweight & silky in texture. Retains skin natural moisture content ,

    costco has some shiseido stuff online .. i've never really been to a costco so i don't know if they have it in the stores or not, but they are about $30 or more off retail price

    Costco search results for "shiseido"
  6. This product remind me a DHC product. I used DHC's sample, it is a deep clean oil, works so good on makeup.
  7. Chanelcavier: where is there gift event held? I want to pick up their sun protection lotion which is great for the upcoming summer months. I might also look into the cleansing oil product.
  8. I bought my items pre-sale and the sa told me i can pick it up on the 15th, so i'm guessing thats when it starts. Its their biggest annual gift of the year. If you go on the shiseido site it has something about it on there under events i think.. check your local department stores (bloomingdales, macys, etc)
  9. thanks for the tip!
  10. I checked the Shiseido website and the sale starts in Southern CA on 3/22. They're giving away a cute red and white bag so I probably will stop by and pick up some stuff there.
  11. Is it a promo if you buy two or more things? I got the bag a good couple of weeks ago....I only bought one sunscreen, but my SA loves me. :roflmfao: :yahoo:

    edit...I just checked the Shiseido USA is the same bag I have, but mine came from Nordstrom. I pulled up the giveaway by zip code, and all that pulled up is Macy*s for the 22nd giveaway start date.

    You all might want to try and see if Nordstrom is still having their giveaway now, if you need something asap!