1. I realised basically every shirt I wear is a t-shirt or basic, ribbed tanktop. Anyone suggest other styles of shirts? Not specifically for summer, but both warm and cold.

    I don't like a lot of ruffles, light colours, or those awful smock-dress-shirts. I'm quite short with a long torso, wide shoulders [kind of boyish shoulders] and hips, small waist and bust, and I have very long, thick hair [I think hair makes a big difference in what kind of stuff is flattering]
  2. Diane von Furstenburg makes some really nice button down wrap shirts. They are very fitted, versatile and extremely nice. I really like them. You can find a variety of colors. I have a small waist though a larger chest but I find these extremely flattering. They accentuate the tiny waist well!
  3. That's waaaay out of my price range, but thanks.

    Can you give me an example of the style?
  4. try they ship internationally!