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  1. I hear that the toki shirts run very small...normally I wear an XL, but I'm a 40 DD, so I'm worried a toki shirt might not fit? I can't try them on in store so i'm wondering if i should skip it...i really want the new blue punk rocker dude one though =(

    and are hoodies also sized small?
  2. I'm around 36D/C depending on make...and they JUST fit Idk maybe you might want to find someone who already owns a XL and see if it fits you before you go out and spend alot of money on toki shirts. Oh yeah, I'm not sure...but I think they also shrink just a tad bit after you wash them the first time.
  3. i wear a 36C and a M fits me in td t-shirts. :shrugs: i guess it depends on how you like things to fit& bodytype&stuff.
  4. i'm a 38 dd and sooooo pregnant! Hahahahah... here's a pic of me in my momo adios shirt.. maybe that'll give you an idea.[​IMG]
  5. Oh lord, that's big

    Like me. Hahahahah
  6. mamaxjam, i hope you didnt stretch out your tee! i hope it will go back to normal after the bebe comes :biggrin:
  7. Oh my god mamaxjam! You are sooo big!:nuts: I don't mean it in a bad way :smile:
    littlepaperstar- I'm a 38DD and have wide shoulders and I can wear the strechy shirts (I have the ribcage one) but I'm uncomfortable in the less strechy ones. I tried an XL adios and ciao ciao and it was too tight. So... maybe a strechy one? Or maybe a mens medium or something?
  8. I would try looking for men's shirts maybe? I think someone else on this forum did that. I forget who. I want to say annie or blackwidow... but I could be wrong.
  9. thanks everyone...i think the womens shirt might be too small, i hope the blue mohawk guy comes in mens sizes!
  10. Just got my Adios & Ciao Ciao in the mail today...its an XL and its too tight :crybaby:

    It is so d**n cute, though! Maybe I'll just hang it up in my bedroom so I can look at it :yes:

    Guess I'll try to find the mens now.
  11. I looked at men's toki shirts and I don't think that's gonna do me any good. I'm only 5'1" and when I held a men's size small on me ... it was down to my knees .. maybe even below my knees .. lmao

    The salesguy was like .. "umm are u sure you don't want to buy a womens toki shirt? I'm pretty sure u can fit into a medium ..." I would have tried one on to see but ... they didn't have the one I wanted plus I was too tired and hot to try on clothes ...

    next time tho :yes:
  12. smallfry, that sucks that your shirt doesnt fit! I hope mine will O__O
  13. Jessaka, I'm sure your's will fit if the candy cane shirt fits. I have a candy cane shirt and the adios and ciaociao one and they adios and ciaociao one I think is actually longer.
  14. I buy the mens shirts, becuase after you wash them once, they shrink down to fit more like a women's shirt.
  15. Hawaii girls: Where did you guys say they sell tokidoki shirts? Chic Icon in Koko Marina... Le Lotus in Ala Moana (and was it Ward too?)... Anywhere else? I think I might check out the store in Koko Marina after work tomorrow... Maybe I can turn the shirt into a boatneck tee, depending on the quality of the material.