Shirt sizing

Jan 15, 2010
The Bluegrass State
Those of you who own Burberry shirts how would you describe the sizing? Do they run small, short, etc.?

My fiance and I are having engagement photos done in January and I got him a great black Burberry sweater last year for Christmas and I was wanting to get a long or 3/4 sleeve Burberry shirt to wear for the pics, with him wearing his Burberry sweater!


You can compare the burberry shirts for women to h&m shirts for women by size. My girlfriend has a burberry shirt and it just fits in the same size as a h&M shirt does.

Sames goes for Men, my burberry shirt is just like a h&m shirt.


Doting on DS & DD
Mar 17, 2008
I've found that my typical size in Burberry (XS) fits but is loose in the torso. If you're planning on ordering online, maybe try 2 sizes - your regular size and one size down?

As far as numbered sizes go, I only have a few coats to go by. The size 2 runs big as well so I'm wondering if most of their items are a tad big.


Mar 14, 2011
Hi babe..their shirts cutting r different..i myself I wore their size L n sometimes XL...I had no choice to picked the larger size cos their sleeves can be a lil smaller according to their sizes..I have big arms after having is better always try it out n cony buy it online...good luck babe