Shirt sizing and fit. Any pics?

  1. Are the tees suppose to be snug or a tight fit or slightly loose? Are they like the baby tees? I ask because a lot of people say to buy a size up and others say buy 2 sizes up due to shrinkage. And now I am confused. The tees look small but is there a lot of stretch to it? What size do you normally wear and what size Tokidoki tees do you buy? Pics would be appreciated.
  2. I wear size S and tokidoki tees size S fits me perfectly. However, to avoid shrinkage, I dont use dryers to dry them, and they dont shrink at all.
  3. I feel they run small. I can fit a regular jr XL babytee style almost anywhere, but not in this line. The chest sizing is too small for these shirts. I'm only a 38C & they're too tight!

  4. I was wondering the same thing awhile back. I normally wear an XL in a baby tee and I'm getting to the point where it just fits. My problem isn't so much my chest but my pooh bear tummy and love handles it looks clingy on that area not good! I guess I'll have to pass on the tees.
  5. at this one store here, they said they actually have ordered & carried XXL, but they go so fast. no wonder, with the sizing running very small.
  6. so they do make them, just very hard to find probably & they probably don't make as many as they do the smaller sizes.
  7. I usually wear S and size 2 for tops. The tokidoki tee in S fits me very well, but I am kind of lacking in the chest area (I am 34B).

    I dried this one in the dryer under low setting. It feels a little more snug than before, but not terribly tight. This material is very slightly stretchy and the cut of the shirt is like a regular t-shirt.

    This one is brand new. This material is more stretchy, and the cut of the shirt is more fitted - more like a baby tee.

    Include a pic of the hoodie just for reference.

    Hope this helps.
    kikitokidokitee.jpg kikigreytokidokitee.jpg kikigreystormhoodie.jpg
  8. i'm normally a size small and wear size small tokidoki, but again i dont have the big chest i think if you have a bigger chest, get a size up...if you're less than privileged..stay with size you normally wear =)
  9. QT, the shirts & hoodie look good on you.
  10. I tried on a medium and large... I honestly didn't see much of a difference in the top. The bottom was a little lose (not by much) on the large so I decided to get the large in case of shrinkage :smile:
  11. Thanks, now I know what size I am!
  12. Thanks, I think I'd have to try them or go up due to my tummy.
  13. I dont have a pic of just the shirt, but I have a pic of when I was showing the dolce length, but I have my Med Latte shirt for reference.

    I hand wash them because Im so scared they will shrink. I too am lacking in the boob department (34b) so maybe thats why they fit well. I usually wear a size medium in juniors and the tokidoki tees are no exception. Hope that helps.
  14. i havent used my cloudia shirt yet...its a size small, looks like it will fit me considering im lacking more in the boob dept (34a)
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