Shirt Dress

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  1. It looks nice to me, I'd definitely wear this. And it's fairly priced as well, so you could get a pair of gladiator sandals to go with it :smile: I like the cream coloured one best, though.
  2. The dress looks great - and it's versatile so you can get lots of wear out of it. I think the darker shades would look great with colourful accessories, whereas the cream might look a bit like a traditional clinical nurses outfit.
  3. Love the navy!:tup:
  4. I love shirt dresses, thanks for the link - I've never been on this site and the prices look great
  5. I like this too, lovely for summer and incredibly versatile
  6. def cute:yes:
  7. If you can try it out first, I would suggest that.

    I LOVE shirt dresses. I've been trying to find something for years now. So far, they're either too big, too frumpy around the arms/chest, or the one time the fit was perfect and the dress looked great in the changeroom, it was wayyyyyyy too short to be worn in public unless I planned on standing motionless.

    The dark colours look like school uniforms on me and the light colour ones make me look like a crocodile hunter. It's pretty sad.
  8. i think its really cute!

  9. LOL that's funny - I've thought about it and I wish that they made this in a grey so I could wear it with my jeans. I don't want to wear navy and dark jeans, it'll be too dark then
  10. its ok. i would rather have a dress that kind of molds to my body and shows off my womanly curves. I would get it in navy if I had to choose.
  11. I love shirt dresses, although the one you're showing looks a bit short, but would be ok if you're petite. I think they're more flattering if it was belted or came with some sort of a waist tie.
  12. I love shirt dresses and this one looks really cute. Also love the navy.
  13. On its own, it's a bit dull, but I think it could be a good basic.
    I only really like it in black and khaki though.
  14. I like this dress-- I have a very similar one in a dark shade. I think it's a good basic piece to have in anyone's wardrobe.