Shirt Designer So $lap-happy

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    April 1, 2006 -- Personal assistants and domestic workers should take the advice of a new must-have T-shirt: "Naomi Campbell slapped me - and I slapped the ***** back!" The tees were designed by Harlem-based fashion designer-to-the-stars Malcolm Harris.

    "It's funny for me, because I'm Jamaican as well, and I know the Jamaican temper - and this is what can happen," Harris said.

    "As an African-American fashion designer, this is the woman that we look up to, and for her to behave like this - this is my way of saying, 'Girl, get help!' "

    The FIT and NYU graduate came out with the shirt during Fashion Week in February 2005, to counter a T-shirt that Campbell was spied wearing.

    Campbell's T-shirt (pictured on today's front page) has "Naomi hit me . . ." on the front, and the words ". . . and I liked it" on the back.

    Harris's Mal Sirrah fashion line designs expensive couture for women. The Campbell tee is $50, and the rhinestone-studded version costs $350. Proceeds go to the National Center for Cancer Research.
  2. From one sister to another damn straight. Naomi needs her ass kicked for how she's been clowning out here.
  3. Yea she has alledged assaulted like two assistants, right? Note to Naomi: your anger management therapy is not working! It's a shame too cause IMO she's still awesome on that runway!