1. Hi..Is the multicolor shirley can be used as a clutch? Is the shoulder strap removable like the pochette accesories?
  2. yes :yes:. i have the white Shirley, and you can see here how i use it as a clutch and shoulder bag.
    shirley 001.jpg shirley 003.jpg
  3. yeuxhonnetes - u have the best bags!!!
  4. the way yeuxhonnetes has worn the shirley is definitely the best 2 ways. You can also not double the strap so it's long enough to hang across your body, but that looks really weird.. somehow, it just seems to hang there and looks strange.

    Ultra favourite way to is to just hold it as a clutch!
  5. those are the only 2 ways to wear it. the strap hasn't been doubled, and it can only be hooked on to the D-ring.
  6. The strap on the shirley does NOT and can NOT double up:P

  7. i totally agree! :yes:
  8. You wear it beautifully yeux!
  9. gorgeous! Love your Sederabys too! :smile:
  10. thanks everyone :heart::love:!

    and Clanalois, where the :censor: have you been?!?! :nuts:
  11. tnx for helping me.. :smile: bt can use that also as a wristlet?
  12. I think it's way too big to be used as a wristlet, it might look a bit odd.
  13. it's too long, so it will look weird as a wristlet
  14. ok tnx for the info..:smile:
  15. tnx for the info..