Shirley And Company ~ "We Love Our Customers" Sale*30% Off Inc'l Sale Items

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  1. #1 Jan 21, 2009
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    ]Shirley and Company's We LOVE Our Customers 30% Sale![/FONT]
    Because we LOVE our customers, we are having a special sale for you!

    30% off the entire website!
    All sale items are included.
    Promotion code: iloveyou
  2. We :heart: her too! lol!
    I wonder if she's getting the new charms soon?
  3. Let us know what she says if you find out!
  4. I emailed her and asked. I'll let you know what she says! :tup:
  5. Ok, she got back to me and said that they're going to go up on the website as preorders in a few days! :wlae: (she did say that the iloveyou code will not be applicable. we have to use thepurseforum code.)
  6. thanks for the info paula!! so is anyone buying anything now or waiting for new charms? :graucho:
  7. I'm waiting for the jeweled butterfly and straw bag charm!
  8. charms...cannot wait to see which ones.

  9. Cindy emailed the Lucky Cat is sold out from the pre-order. :crybaby:
  10. Wow! That was fast! Did you ask her if she's ordering more?

  11. Yup, she will re-order on Monday but not preparing to take any pre-order until she confirms how many will she get in stock

    I really like Cindy, she is such a sweet lady, very helpful:tup::tup: