Shirise sale..Got my bag today

  1. Hi all, I will be the thread starter for all us who snagged the deals;)

    I got my Cornflower City today. Beautiful bag, great service & absolutely authentic. I honestly don't know if I love the color as much as I thought I would though:sad: I'm gonna think on it...
    DSC00832.JPG DSC00839.JPG
  2. ^^I saw one the other night at NM. I really liked it--looks like you got a great color! I'm waiting for my City in Rouille. But I'm out in California, so it might take awhile... When did you order yours and how far are you from IL? Just curious if it's going to take all week!
  3. Huh? I think it's gorgeous, acegirl! Congrats on a great bargain! Hope you'll eventually keep it ;)
  4. I'm in Indiana so I knew I would get it quick:yes: I'm torn, it's a great color, don't get me wrong but not exactly what I envisioned- does that make sense?! I've been really caught up in the Rouille color that maybe now I wished I had gotten that instead. Hummm....
  5. I think Cornflower is a great color. Acutally I just received a cornflower b bag that I won on ebay and I'm pretty excited about it.
  6. Here is my rouille hobo. Picked it up today at the store.
    rouille hobo (Small).jpg
  7. I usually hate most blue colors for bags, but I really like the pop of color of your cornflower. Maybe it'll grow on you. I hope so, since it was such a great deal.
  8. acegirl -- i think the cornflower is so pretty. i realli like it.
  9. Oh I think both bags are gorgeous! Love both the cornflower and the rouille!
  10. Acegirl - I love cornflower! Give it a few days. If you still are not in love with it I'm sure you'll be able to find it a new home.

    Chigirl - your hobo is gorgeous!
  11. Well, if you ever want to get rid of your rouille, let me know! ;) :biggrin:

    Thanks girls, I'm definitely not making any hasty decisions I will regret. I've had bags before that I've grown to love- maybe this will be one of them~:smile:
  12. I think it is a great color but were you expecting something deeper? Or paler?
  13. Congrats on your cornflower!!! If the color doesn't grow on you I am sure you will be able to get it adopted!
  14. Wow! I really like both of those! Congrats, ladies. :flowers:
  15. I'm so jealous! My Shirise order won't arrive until Wednesday. I have a feeling if anyone has regrets, the bags will find good adoptive homes. But sit on your cornflower a while ( not literally :biggrin: ) because it may grow on you. I'm not a blue person myself, but a lot of people just love cornflower. Congrats Chigirl on the Rouille too--I just love all the colors, especially the really dense pigments.