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  1. Are the bv's on Shirise genuine? What has been your expereince with this online vendor?
  2. I have purchased a pair of woven BV flats from them. Definitely authentic.
  3. :tup::yes:
  4. Yes, they are a legit site. They are also an actual store located in Glencoe, Illinois.
  5. They sell beautiful and authentic items.
    It is a great store.
  6. Thanks you guys. I do not plan to order anything right now, but its good to know this is another source for that difficult to locate BV.
  7. I haven't bought from them but I've been impressed at how quick and pleasant they are when you email them for questions.

    Last time I checked, international shipping was US$45.
  8. authenticity questions need to be posted in Authenticate This BV only please.
    Thanks! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.