1. so I have been obsessing over a scarf for a while now, and decided that it has to be mine if I can find it (ok, there are 3...I need 1)

    How much do the H boutiques charge to ship a scarf if I order over the phone? I *MAY* be able to convince DH to go a little out of the way on our trip tomorrow to pass by a H boutique (might take some onvincing :graucho::sweatdrop:) if it's a lot to ship and if they have it at one of the stores that wouldn't be too unreasonable to drive to...
  2. well I live one state over from a H store (about 2 hrs drive). They charge me 15.00 for 2nd day shipping for a scarf. My birkin costed 45.00 for next day shipping.

    hope this helps.
  3. cool. that's not completly outrageous... definately worth not making a 4 hour frive into a 5 hour one. ;)
  4. ship will cost you that much in gas for a 4 hrs drive anyways.:yes:
  5. well, we already have to go visit the family so it would only be an hur more. But it would probably end up costing a lot more because I'd end up leaving with 3 things and obsessing over a few more. :rolleyes:
  6. :yahoo:
  7. I just bought a scarf yesterday and they charged $15 to ship it here.
  8. If you live in a state that doesn't have an H boutique, should you have to pay sales tax?
  9. ^^^Nope!

    I'm debating having a bag shipped to Colorado for that reason, but to stay within the law as it was explained to me and still avoid the sales tax, I would have to leave it there and would thus halve its useful life. Since I hate changing handbags, I'm probably not going to do that, but I DID just check it out with the H boutique near me. They told me they wouldn't charge sales tax if they shipped it to a state without an H boutique.
  10. They shipped my birkin to the Tysons store so I have to go pick it up, they say for security reasons. I am ok with that, but they charged me tax and shipping.