Shipping Your Coach Bag with Love

  1. If you sell your Coach Bag and have to ship it:

    I know this belongs in the eBay thread, but I rarely see posters from this board up there.

    If you ever ship a Coach Handbag, esp leather, make sure you ship it with love.

    Stuff the bag with either tissue paper, bubble wrap or airbags, and place the handbag in the dust bag (if you have it) and then a plastic bag. Then in a full size box that won't smash the bag.

    Leather will crease and will not recover.

    Do not overstuff the bag with packing material - ie peanuts.

    I just received a Legacy 7466 in white, shipped unstuffed and put in a dustbag and then in a flat USPS Box like this one: Product: Priority Mail Box 0-1092

    This should have come in a 17X15X8 box, or something along that lines.

    Another bag I got was damaged by peanuts:


    I hope this helps someone.
  2. I couldn't agree more! I can't tell you how many times I have received expensive bags that were inappropriately packaged, thus causing irreparable damage to the bag. I pretty much follow everything you posted above with the exception of the plastic bag. I never ship leather bags wrapped in a plastic bag. Instead, I usually line the bottom of the box with a plastic bag.
  3. I try to always take in account conditions when shipping things... but I know sometimes I might not always be able to come up with all scenerios when packing....

    I always like to package my items in a plastic bag, so that in any case, if they package gets left in the rain, etc. The item would at least stand a chance of not being ruined!

    On a side note... I about keeled over when I received an expensive bag in a padded envelope, with only its dustbag around it.... :wtf:
  4. it drives me CRAZY when people just stuff bags or something into those flat rate boxes.

    i'm ususally pretty good at packaging- and i always charge a bit more for shipping, so it can be in a nice box, with tissue paper, and sent priority mail. (nothing drives me crazier than when people ship the sloooowest method when you paid an arm and a leg for shipping).
  5. Along these lines . . . . how exactly do you store your bags? I store all of mine in the brown bags. But what other methods do you have?

    Because I just purchased the poppy tote off of eBay and I received it in nice condition. Then I stored it in my closet in the brown bag. I pulled it out yesterday and it was like the bag had fallen a little and there is now a bit of crease in the leather. Do you store them with boxes inside of them, do help keep their shape?! Or lay them on their sides?

    Suggestions or tips would be great!
  6. i stuff them with either paper or old, clean t-shirts, inside the dustbags on my closet shelves. I probably should lay them flat, rather than standing them up so they don't crease.
  7. ^ I'm having HUGE problems storing my Mia satchel... does anyone have one of those, and how do you store it, if so??...

    My handles won't store upright... and the leather wants to crease, even when stuffed... Anyone have suggestions?? :shrugs:
  8. Yikes! I totally agree with OP!

    When I ship, I ALWAYS ship my bags out with LOVE!:heart:

  9. Dooney wraps their handles and then stuffs the area b/w the top of the bag & the straps so they stand upright. Might want to try that.
  10. Same here!
  11. Ditto Ditto Ditto! There's nothing worse than getting an expensive bag in the mail that's been poorly packaged. I keep my bags stuffed and inside their bags if I have them. I keep them standing upright generally on my closet shelves. But I need to take pictures and attach them to the bags so that I know what's inside the bag.
  12. I always take care to properly package anything I'm shipping, and so far I've been lucky to receive things that were packaged properly as well. As for storing my bags, I usually keep the Coach tissue paper that comes with it and use that or plain white tissue paper to stuff them. Most of the time I get a gift box for everything (just because I like unwrapping gifts:smile: ) so I'll put them in the dustbag and then back into the box.
  13. I always try to stuff with the original Coach packing (I call it Coach oragami because they are very meticulous packing bags!) You need to shape and stack packing paper (or tissue paper) into thick retangles, and fill the corners well. For satchel straps I use a thick squared shape of packing paper and lay that on top of the bag flat, then cross the straps over that. I hope this make sense!
  14. i keep my mia in the dustbag and have it hanging on an over the door clothes rack thingy (you know what i'm talking about). and the way the dustbag falls against my closet door, the handles stay up in the dustbag. does that make sense?
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