Shipping/Tracking for shipment to UK.. HELP!

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  1. Hello,

    I have shipped a bag I sold on Ebay to United Kingdom via USPS Priority International Mail. I was told there isn't a tracking number because UK doesn't work with USPS to provide tracking. But there is a custom form number... that is CP########US. :confused1:

    I shipped out on May 18th and the buyer already filled a Paypal dispute on this item because there is no update on the USPS after it been shipped out from Chicago Airport. :tdown:

    I called USPS 800 number and they said it is currently in UK custom and will have an update once the item clear custom. But with my experience, the USPS website never update the status with custom information... am I right?

    For these of you who have shipped priority to UK from US, please give me some help on this...

    This is the first time I ship international and I already have a negative balance in my Paypal account. :crybaby::sad:

    And of course, USPS wont' start a trace for me since they believe its in Custom and I can't file a claim until next week.

    Thank you!!!
  2. From what I know, priority only shows when it package leaves and when its delivered. If you want to show actual tracking and have it delivered fast, you should use the Express option.

    Try explaining this to both the buyer and Paypal.

    Also show them this link from USPS site. It says:*&p_li=&p_topview=1**&p_li=&p_topview=1

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you so much..
    I know.. but EMS cost 15-20 dollars more for UK, so the we went with the cheaper option of shipping priority.

    If I can do it over again, i will definitely say EMS only.
  4. Tried that royalmail website, it said there is nothing with that tracking number.

    Thanks! I am going to pray now..
  5. Unfortunately, unless your buyer cancels the claim, you will lose because USPS international priority doesn't offer online tracking, the only way to qualify for Paypal protection when shipping to UK is to use express, which offers tracking.

    Hope it arrives safely!
  6. Have you tried tracing it on the parcelforce website;jsessionid=MFDTK2IXKGDCMFB2IGLEPLQUHRAYUQ2K;jsessionid=MFDTK2IXKGDCMFB2IGLEPLQUHRAYUQ2K?catId=7500082&gear=authentication

    We also had a public holiday last Monday and that really slows up the mail.
    Good luck hope it turns up and really if you only shipped it on the 18 (which is really the 19th in the UK it wouldn't get here until the 20 (Sunday) at the earliest) and stuff can get held up in customs for a long time. Your buyer should really be a bit more patient. Let me know if you need any more help with your packet.
  7. I had to ring up parcelforce with the CP$$$$ number, and they gave me a different tracking number that was valid on the parcelforce website.
    Maybe contact the buyer and tell her to ues that :smile:
  8. Thank you ladies!!
    I should have ask in this forum first on which way to ship to UK is the best. I was thinking USPS is really reliable and the buyer can save some money. Shipping to UK is expensive. Well, next time, I will either say no to internation shipping or get EMS...
    Guess lesson learned the hard way...

    I am hoping that it will turn up...
    Thanks again for all the advices...
  9. Your problem isnt the shipping method its your buyer!

    Gosh shes a little premature here, I had my mum send me a parcel over before Xmas from the Uk and it took 7 weeks to reach me!
  10. Thanks Loopylorns, I hope it gets there soon. I am going to take VenetiaWanter's advice and try to call parcelforce to see if the item got a new tracking number or not.. and if it entered custom or not...

    I do believe it is unlikely it got lost on the plant... have my fingercrossed..