Shipping to Thailand??

  1. Is it safe, i have a bag for sale at the mo and recieved this message yesterday, i'm just a little cautious what with all the scams nowadays

    '' Hi, I would like to bid for your bag. I'm quite new to eBay but already bought 2 items with Paypal account and I have only 1 positve feedback. I live in Thailand can you ship the item to Thailand, and how much it would be ? Thanks ''

    what do you guys think?
  2. If you don't mind to spent a few times, after she pay you, contact the phone number in her PayPal acc and ask if your buyer is author. holder beside it, just with EMS/Global Express Mail only. I'm in Asia and ever shipped to USA, I don't know how big the item you'll ship but to help to imagine, for LV Mono Manhattan GM, it'll cost around $50-55, for LV Mizi Alligator Vienna, it'll cost around $70-75, hope this help :smile:
  3. Oh beside it, trust your heart, if you think she's dishonest, then don't sell to her...
  4. look at the "search by bidder " on eBay ( go to help then .. ) , it will tell you how things she has bid on , very useful information .
  5. I had a few messages like that and I emailed them back that they had to pay by a bank transfer only or the item would have to be shipped UPS worldwide with signature which could be really expensive. You need to track it, insure and signature if using paypal. I would also wait til the money gets transferred into my bank account (you need to have a separate bank account for paypal) and withdraw the $ first before I would let item out of my hands. There are just too many scammers overseas and I wont be caught by any of them!
  6. I stopped shipping overseas a long time ago. I have gone to several of the eBay conventions over the past few years and they recoomend that sellers of handbags do NOT ship out of the US. That MOST fraud cases and fake bags and bait and switch that involve handbags come out of China, Thailand, and the Phillipines and surprisngly enough, Canada..

    If you do decide to sell to her. Ship Global Express and insure it, heavily. It costs more, but its worth it. And require a wire or western union. If they pay via PayPal wait until that money is safely in your bank account. Dont just ship because its in your PayPal account. Once the transfer is completed on payPals end you should be ok.

    I wont work with new ebayers, too risky.
  7. Shipping overseas is always a headache to me. Donna is right. If I ever do, I only accept confirmed address (UK and Canada) and the only method of shipping is Global Express with full value insured.
  8. Shipping w/ insurance won't matter to Thailand. They will automatically win any PP dispute regardless if it shows delivered if it's to an unconfirmed address.

    The only way I'd sell to her is if she pays w/ an Int'l Postal Money Order. And don't send it till you've cashed it, which you can do at the PO.
  9. Probably not worth the hassle.
  10. I think the OP is in the UK, not the US.

    I am not too sure what options there are. I will try and find out.
  11. Thailand is the number one place that fraudulent purchases come from. Don't send something you can't afford to lose. Indonesia in general, Singapore, all the ones Donna mentioned....

    I really would not ship to Thailand.
  12. When you list your items, you could choose not to accept internation bids. I think this is safest way to do if you decide not to ship overseas.
  13. I won't ship internationally, period. I had a bad experience shipping to Malaysia, the item was "lost" and I was out the item and the money. Never again!
  14. use --- essentially like paypal but offers better seller protection (no chargebacks i believe). Register for an account and ask the buyer to register and use their CC and pay thru there.
    And if the buyer turns out to be a scammer, paypal cannot do anything about it because payment was made thru

    Or you can use googlecheckout.
  15. A buyer can file a chargeback if they paid by Bidpay.