shipping to singapore??

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  1. Hi! I am new to selling on eBay, and I currently have listed my first bag, a Longchamp folding tote. I already have some bids and it still has a few days left. A member emailed me saying how much she loved the bag and if I would ship it to Singapore. I don't know anything about shipping to Singapore so I was wondering if anyone has done then, how to go about it, and how much it costs. I would love any advice! Thanks so much!!!
  2. I sent her a message back saying I had to check on some things before I could tell her if I could ship to Singapore. This is what she sent me back:

    If you are unable to ship to Singapore or shipping is too expensive I've a friend staying in the States, would you accept payment from me via PayPal but send to my friend in the States instead?

    Any suggestions? I need help! I didn't think it would be this complicated!!!
  3. Hi, I live in Singapore and I usually get charged about $40 for Global Express for a bag. Items usually arrive in 2 weeks. HTH.
  4. DOn't ship to her friend! Paypal will NOT protect you at all then.

    YOu can go to and calculate the shipping.
    Depending on the weight it'll probably be between $40-50.

    You should ALWAYS ship via ExpressMail because it requires a signature and is trackable. Their address probably isn't confirmed, so you will want to ship it the safest way possible.
  5. I live in the UK and I recently shipped an Anna Corinna to Singapore. The bag was pretty lightweight and only cost the buyer around $22 USD.
    I would check the weight of your bag and send her a quote. As long as you use a shipping method that has insurance and requires a signature it should be fine. :yes:
  6. I've shipped quite a few things to Singapore with no problems. Just ship express mail, with insurance for the full amount.
  7. You can estimate your package, then go to to find out how much it costs to ship a package to Singapore. I suggest you use Express mail as tracking seems to work much better than Priority mail. It takes approx. 5-7 business days for delivery. As far as I know, if her friend has a confirmed address and is verified, you're safe as well. You'd better ask PayPal directly about this issue. Good luck.
  8. Its very easy and some of my small handbags fit tightly in the flat rate envelope which is only around $12 for shipping. I have sent alot out of the country and and a few important things to remember. If you don't print your own label, you will need to stand in line at he usps because if its over 1 pound, they want to see you had it to them....
    Also I have dropped a few international items off at shipping places which are NOT USPS but ship for people and it takes usually 5 extra or more days to get there for some reason.
    Be aware, there is NO assurance or insurance unless its Express, and I have sent tons of International Priority and have been very happy its gone well. I hope your international selling experience will be as good as mine.