Shipping to Singapore/Question has me suspicious.

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  1. I am selling an item on ebay right now, still fairly new to the selling side and I have recieved a question that has made me a little suspicious. The item I am selling is a designer wallet (not sure if specifics can be mentioned here since it is currently listed) anyway I recieved a question from someone inquiring about shipping to singapore.
    (any suggestions or experience about that?) but before I could respond the same individual wrote back and said "I am in need of many designer items do you have more to sell? I need one of all types of items and sizes of this brand"

    That is what has me suspicious, I suppose if they were a collector of the brand it might make sense but they have like 11 feedback and it is all things like cell phones and jewelry, not wallets or bags. It makes me wonder if they might be a counterfeiter looking for real samples or something I've never heard mention of Singapore being a big place for fakes but maybe it is. I dont know, what do you all think should I respond to them or just block them from bidding?
  2. I'd very cautious of shipping to Singapore etc. There's been a rash of buyers using stolen CC and sellers shipping the items. A chargeback is done and seller loses both money and item. Please be very careful.
  3. thats really weird. Dont sell to them period. Tyr to avoid problems like these before they even start.
  4. don't have anything to do with them.....RUN!
  5. No way would I sell to someone who said that. Wreaks of scam, I would block the ID.
  6. When in doubt don't. There are too many good honest buyers out there
  7. I totally agree with the previous posters. Don't do it. Not worth taking the risk IMO.

    Whenever I have not listened to my gut feeling about a transaction it has never turned out well :sad:
  8. I went ahead and put them on the blocked bidder list. I had a bad feeling about it, but I thought maybe I was being overly analytical about it. I responded to their question and said simply "I'm sorry I do not ship to Singapore." I didnt address their request for other items at all.
  9. I wouldn't let this person buy my items...sounds way too fishy for me!
  10. when i get questions like from singapore, i never answer becasue if i do, i forget to block my email and i end up getting spoof in my email. i am very cautious of answering questions now.
  11. jus wondering what the buyer was gonna do with all the items??? hoard it?
  12. hi ladies. I'd just like to make a slight clarification. I'm from Singapore, and I usually meet sellers who do not reply my enquiries just because I'm from an Asian country. I am a sincere buyer who has 100% feedback ... frankly sometimes i don't feel that I should be discriminated against purchasing on ebay just by the virtue of my country. :confused1:There are many sincere buyers who genuinely want to purchase a bag for the love of bags, so please don't let that discourage you guys from selling to buyers here. lousy buyers can be from any country, not just from Singapore.

    having said that, it's wonderful what you ladies are doing in this forum, protecting the rest from fraudulent buyers/sellers. keep up the good work!:tup:
  13. ^^ I am with you on this!! I have encountered a few sellers not willing to sell outside US and that can be so disappointing. But at the same time you can't really blame them, ebay is so scary these days..

    OP, good going by blocking that buyer!
  14. Delete their message, block them, whatever!
    Run as fast as you can!