Shipping to PO BOX? Help quick please!!!

  1. I sent a package to a PO BOX today, and someone told me it was not safe to do that? So I am thinking to recall the package. But the PO BOX address was paypal confirmed, and It is also showing that I am eligible for seller's protection. Am I worrying too much or should I recall the pakage?
  2. Do you use EMS? EMS can't ship to PO BOX. Posibble to recall it?
  3. EMS can and DOES ship to a p.o. box!! I've gotten mail via EMS. I just got a package just this past month via EMS and a couple of packages in May via EMS.

    You may ship anything to a P.O. Box via the USPS.

    You can not ship via UPS or FedEx or DHL or like courier to a p.o. box.

    Via USPS, you can get signature confirmation as well as delivery confirmation, as well as insurance, etc.

    There is nothing wrong with a United Stated Post Office Box as a mailing address.

    It can be confirmed the same way a regular address is.

    My p.o. box IS my confirmed and verified Paypal/eBay address.
  4. Ok, don't need to use such those ( !! ) signs and red underlined. I just tell her what I know from EMS in my country coz they've rejected many parcels to PO BOX addresses here. Each country may have different policy, ok?
  5. Thank you so much for posting! I am so happy everyone is trying to help me! ;) I guess every country has a little different system..
  6. I would say it's okay as long as it's confirmed. Have you checked her feedback? Did she purchased other things from eBay as well? Perhaps contact the other sellers and ask if they had shipped to her PO box and whether the package arrived safely. If so, no worries :smile:
  7. Many people use PO boxes as their mail is more secure and they can leave it for several days and not worry about it. Shipping to a confirmed PO box is fine; in fact it is more secure than having a package left on a door step all day.
  8. Shipping to a P.O. box is fine here in the U.S. Other countries may be a different situation, but I don't know. Some people(in the U.S.) live in rural areas and mail is not delivered to their home so they can only receive mail at a P.O. box. UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL do not deliver to P.O. boxes, as someone stated earlier.
  9. If it is confirmed then you should be fine!
  10. Thanks everyone! I shipped the package, and the buyer received ok and left me a good feedback. So I guess everything is working out well.. :smile: