Shipping to P.O. Boxes

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  1. Hello. I just sold a expensive LV bag and the buyers address is to a P.O. Box. I never shipped to a P.O. Box before. Is it safe? I insure all my items. If I require a signature at delivery how does that work for a P.O. Box ? Thanks
  2. If you ship to a P.O. box, they will leave a notice in their box. Then they'll pick it up there and sign for it. You can put a signature restriction on it so only the person who you are sending it to has to be the one to sign for it.
  3. As long as PP says it is ok to ship/eligible for seller protection you are fine
  4. Great, thanks!! I feel much better.
  5. I think it is safer because you know the package won't be left on a porch.
  6. Some of us who live in rural areas only get a postal box (no door to door postal deliveries at all!) but, as people has said - it's actually a lot safer! (& frankly more convenient & faster too since one step is eliminated)