Shipping to Israel???? HELP!!!

  1. I received an offer for one of my items. The potential buyer wants me to ship to Israel. I told them I will only accept wire transfer (which they are OK with).

    Has anyone shipped there? What's the best way to do it?
  2. Yep, no problems. I just takes slightly longer since they have to xray packages for bombs, etc.

    I usually just use Air Mail, unless it's an expensive item than I ship Priority International which is $20 for a flat rate sized box.
  3. I would proceed with caution...shipping time can be very long and the customs/security situation can hold up shipments even longer. If you make this clear to your buyer you may be sure buyer has excellent feedback and is not a newbie either. Make it clear to them that shipping time once it leaves you is out of your control...have that in writing as proof in case you need it down the road. Good luck.
  4. Well, it's for a $550 Prada bag. The buyer has 20 feedback. Kind of a newbie, but not really.

    Ok - I agree with everything in writing. We'll see if they respond to me. I asked which method of shipping they prefer, and I will not send it unless fully insured.
  5. Good luck...
  6. I've shipped non-eBay items to Israel. It took a long time, but that was probably because I used the cheapest method possible, since these items were gifts and I was paying for the shipping myself.

    Get your buyer to use a safe (and more expensive shipping method) and you should be fine.